Sunday, September 02, 2007

MeMeMeMeMeMeMe combined.....

I have been slacking in my writing lately, as i have been doing in many things, actually. I was tagged quite a while back by Josie on what I would do with a million dollars. I have also wanted to post about the happiest days of my life and my earliest memories, again ideas that came from Josie. I hope it's okay if I combine these posts---

A million dollars:

If I were given a million tax free dollars, I would first of all, give alot of it away. Yes, I know...not smart, but i never really said i was. I like money just fine---and it would be wonderful to be out of debt---and that would also be one of the first things i would do---but beyond that, money just isn't what its all about. Having said that, i feel i should explain---money certainly has value, and i work hard for money, every day of my life. But it cannot lengthen your life, or unbreak your heart, or keep you from being lonely, or make a sick person well. Yes, there are alot of arguments to those statements...but all by cannot do any of those things. I love giving money away, i like the feeling of being able to help another that needs it. Much to my husbands dismay, I might add. But that is what i would do with the largest portion of the money. Beyond that, I would travel a little, and not work so damned hard.

The earliest Memory:

I was born in march of 1960, and I think the first thing that i remember is when President Kennedy was shot. I remember my mother crying, and I remember the funeral procession on our television....and that was in November of 1963....right? I would have been three years and eight months. It is a short memory, but I always remember when my mother cried.

The happiest time in my life?

This one is hard folks. I have been happy many, many times in my life. The births of all three of my children are wonderful memories. Special---and always, always full of love. Before my first marriage? Maybe, I WAS happy then. Before my second marriage? Probably. It was a wonderful time in my life, I was in love and things were good...with the kids, and with the jobs...just in general. But seriously---the happiest time in my life was just prior to husband number one and I separating. He and I had been married by that time for thirteen or fourteen years..and things were good between us. But mostly, things were just good at home. It was before any of my kids were old enough to begin the teenage troubles, and their was no "divorce trauma" yet, I was home all the time...and sick alot of the time, but i struggled along and managed to be a good wife and mother. Ours was a happy home...until the day it wasn't. That's how fast things went to hell in our lives, and before the shell-shocked feelings came in. I really was happy then. I know that sounds strange, but there were no big events going on, just normal I repeat NORMAL, everyday life. And I think that has been all I have ever wanted. At least I can say I had it for awhile...right?


Josie Two Shoes said...

Hey, you really did play catch up here! You are on a roll this morning, must be feeling good about having a day with no work!

You are such a caring person Jamie, and I love you for it. Loves the animals, loves people, and always wanting to help out. I agree, there is much more joy in giving than having. I love to play secret give away to folks I know are struggling to make it even more than I am. As you note - it's just green paper anyway, having lots can't buy health or happiness.

Wow, that is very amazing that you can clearly recall the day JFK died, when you were so small. I wonder if there anybody from that time, myself included,who doesn't have that day clearly etched on their memory. I was in grade school when the announcement came over the PA system. I remember being glued to the tv watching for days. I think our nation's innocence was shattered then.

I so hear you on happiness being having a "normal" somewhat care-free life. I always say that what I would appreciate most in life is one whole week or month where there is nothing to stress about. I love normal, I love quiet and peaceful, I love routine. I just don't see enough of it - but it is certainly better for me now than when I lived at the farm. I firmly believe you will find your path to a more peaceful place also - at some point the kids will become more independent and work will slow down. Right?? Prayin' for it!

Thanks for doing all the meme's it was good reading!

SOUL: said...

hiya .... just cruisin. this was quite a touching post jamie. lots of hidden stuff in there that i could pull out. maybe cuz you are my SHistah. (LOL) i couldn't resist that one; it just came to me. (super hero sistah = SHistah)
oh hell, nevermind. sometimes i'm only funny to myself. but hey that takes talent ... to make your own self laugh.

regardless.... hang in there girl... the batmobile is idlin btw. :(

how's the new CD? tell hubby hello. tell crazy dog hello. tell the kitty monstah hello. tell the youngsters hello. (did i forget anyone?)

anyhow... glad ya got that song to click. :) it's a good one. someday i'll write a song like that... only bettah.

take care, and REST today! no workin. just sit, drink, read, and play with the clicker and crazy dog... and hubby if he;ll let ya. :))

i'm leavin

Maria said...

What an amazingly generous person you are. I suspect that I would be a very greedy woman if I had a million bucks to play with.

And yes, I was in kindergarten when JFK was shot and I still recall my teacher going to consult with someone at the door and then bursting into tears. Several children in the class, including me, did too. We had no idea what we were crying about, but our teacher crying scared the holy shit out of us.

Have you had your legs checked for sciatica?

Amanda said...

Normal, every day life.

Totally understand. That's all I want too, and wish it for you with all my heart.

Beth said...

Hey, at least you HAD some happy times, right? Those are always good to remember.

Dog hair is a pain in the ass too..

Anonymous said...

hmmm JFK... gosh would that be BEFORE I was old enough to remember? nooooo before I was born... or just... gawd cant remember history... and i agree with maria... i would definitely just SPEND it and use it as it was meant to be used... !!