Monday, August 20, 2007

La La La La La....

So, my free hours on Saturday and Sunday went by way too quickly, and now it's Monday again. That's okay, though, it had to happen. It does each and every week.

I was shamefully lazy yesterday, after i rode for forty minutes, which was literally ALL i could do, getting back home was really a bit of a problem, I was exhausted. But yesterday was the strongest I had been on the bike so far, and I felt like i was making progress. :)

My race rained out, so it will run today at noon. Thankfully, I have a tv and satellite box in my office, or I just might have been tempted to call in...probably why Owner was so agreeable about the tv...teehee....

I am thinking about going in a little late today, however, I would love to ride a little this am...and this is a marathon day today at work, open from 8-8, so it might be a good thing to do.

I think I'd better get over to the blogs of you all---I haven't made all my rounds yet this morning. I am hoping that your Monday is awesome, if that's possible...or how about just good? Or perhaps just okay? Or would you settle for non-disastrous? Yes, any of the above. Later.


SOUL: said...

i'll take non disastrous.. and hope for awesome for you!
how's that?
and yes, if you can get away with it, do go in late !
sorry your race got rained out... but that could prove to be a good thing..may make today go by faster at work??? perhaps. hopefully.
forty minutes on your bike? that is some great progress jamie! remember the first day? good for you. keep it up. perhaps i will break down and get us another set of bikes... if i see a good deal again.
only FOUR more payments to go in the kids braces !!! my gawd it's been a long three years for those things. especially while in NM...with no insurance.. the price doubled on them there for that one year. ugh. anyhow... yep, almost paid off. woo hoo!!!
we have a few things almost paid off actually... all within the next two or three months... which will put like three hundred plus back into our kitty. the thought just makes me giddy!!
ok.. shuttin up.
i have TONS of dishes and laundry and other BS wifey crap to catch up on today... but i do beleive, that when the sun comes up... i just might be ... yep you guessed it... FISHIN !!!
latah tatah
do be do
(see what you've done?! :)) )

simonsays said...

Do be do....:) that makes me smile.

Soul---whats your messgr log in?

SOUL: said...

did you get one????

SOUL: said...

well? are ya doin it?
(yes i AM impatient :)) )

JYankee said...

cool glad you could enjoy doing nothing... i live for THAT day!

Josie Two Shoes said...

Non-disastrous would be very good for a Monday, thought I like to hope for awesome... at least until about 8 AM, from there it tends to unravel quickly. LOL But we are here, and we're doin' it - so that's what counts, right?! Soul said it about the biking - look how far you've come already - 40 minutes on a bike for me would take me to the morgue!! :-) Enjoy your race, that's a nice break for a Monday!

Portia said...

sounds like you are kicking ass on your bike! after reading about it for weeks now, i finally pulled mine out to find that the tires are dry rotted. looks like it's gonna be a while for me.
at this point, i would have settled for a non-disastrous monday, but i have to admit it has actually been pretty decent. i hope yours is going well, especially since it's such a long one!!!

Free fer all Paul said...

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Summer said...

LOL @ non disasterous. I got that today.

Amanda said...

My Monday started on Tuesday this week and it was "non-disastrous." Now I'm waiting for the headache to go away. :)

Hope your Monday went as well as can be too!

SOUL: said...

happy tuesday..
are you still on?
check your yahoo

hah kinda like shake your yoo - hoo !

hey, a yoo hoo sounds kinda good.. but not til after the smoke and choke

have a good day

SOUL: said...

did you get to see your race?

simonsays said...

no soul, the race was once again postponed due to will run this am at nine! I cannot remember nascar running a race on Tuesday, ever!

SOUL: said...

hmmm... well there's a first time for everything right?

it didn't rain did it? i hope not. i know you need your NASCAR fix!

hope you are doing well today
me? i'm already ready for a nap! geesh. do they do adrenal gland transplants? :)

CCC said...

Proud of you for keeping up the bike riding, girl!

SOUL: said...

did you get to see the race? i saw the clip on the news. did who you wanted to win, win?