Friday, August 03, 2007

Hey one else could ever do

I think this was originally Souls, but then everyone was doing it, and heaven knows, I have to do it, too!

I know- That someday all things will even out. Yin and Yang, tit for tat, what goes around comes around.

I believe- in the human goodness of most people.

I fought-about stupid things in marriage number one.

I am angered-by injustice.

I love-tomatoes, right out of the garden. (not my garden btw-I can't grow anything)

I need-a different life, one that won't kill my spirit.

I take-on waaaaay to much responsibility, I seem to think i am the only one that can do anything.

I hear-like Frank, I hear like a dog. Things that others can't-and while that may not seem like good hearing, just being crazy, trust me, it's my hearing. My craziness shows up in other ways.

I drink-only water, coffee, club soda and beer.

I hate-brussel sprouts. And assholes. Not in that order, but in general.

I use-way too many paper products, napkins, paper towels, I am a neat freak.

I want-a simpler life.

I decided-to leave work early today.

I like-angel food cake.

I am-a bit too impulsive.

I feel-extremely tired.

I left-a mess on my desk when I left work last night.

I do-stupid, stupid words. "I do". Right....I will when I can, I will try, I will give a shot, but really, who really "does"?

I hope-that I can eventually have some peace.

I dream-alot.

I drive-all the freakin' time. On auto pilot, like Josie, sometimes.

I listen-pretty damned well.

I type-incorrectly. Often.

I think-way too much---about way too many things---thinking can lead to drinking, you know.

I wish-for time off.

I compensate-for most everyone else's shortcomings. When possible.

I regret-not taking the time to "smell the roses" when my kids were growing up.

I care-about way too much, way to often, until it hurts.

I should-let others handle their own problems, and not try to fix everything for everyone.

I am not always-as positive as I should be.

I said-very little. But when I say it, I mean it.

I wonder-about too much to put here.

I changed-just about everything about me.

I cry-not nearly enough. Sometimes I think I am all dried up.

I am-overwhelmed. Frequently. Then I go into crisis mode and bring on the "tunnel vision". Only ONE problem at a time....the most important one, the only one I can see at this moment.

I am not-offended easily.

I lose-rarely.

I leave-when I am damned well ready. And not before.


SOUL: said...

very good jamie. thanks for doing it. your answers sound a lot like the jamie i know. we do have a lot in common, just worded a little differently. and i reckon you sound a bit more "driven" than "bitchy" like me. :))
btw... i don't feel so much that way today. let's just hope it stays that way. i had my chocolate fix last night , perhaps that helped??? :))
hope you have a great day!!!!

Josie Two Shoes said...

Wonderful answers,Jamie. I really love this meme - lots of good insight into how you feel about yourself and your life. It sounds like both of us realize we are overdue on making some changes that will bring us less stress and more peace. We really can't do or fix everything, can we? Though we wish we could! :-) TGIF - have a good one, and get it over with!!

Portia said...

good one! so cool to hear you left early today, i hope it's not because you can't move...and i hope it's a good start to the weekend:)
i know and believe the same things, by the way. and i fight about stupid stuff all the time, but i am currently in marriage #1. don't know why my husband plays along, he's on #3 ;)
one more word, i'm trying to learn myself: DELEGATE! i know, i know, if you want something done right, you've got to do it...but some things aren't worth our sanity. (and then some are)
i hope you have a kick-ass weekend, you deserve one!!

Amanda said...

Loved your answers.

SOUL: said...

well, what are you up to with you're time off today? hopefully enjoying it. ridin your bike? drinkin some beers? wussup?

LastStand said...

Great answers.