Thursday, July 26, 2007


Due to all the sensitivity to the subject of whining, I feel a need to post a warning here....I am about to whine. I have no idea how to go about posting a non-positive event or day without being labeled a "WHINER". Shit. But my day yesterday sucked ass, and I am about to tell you about it. It is apparently no longer politically correct to do if you would rather NOT know about it, move the hell along. NO ONE ever said I was politically correct.

I walked into hell yesterday, hell would be my place of employment----BTW, and all things were fucked up, as usual. I have been the very best boss that i know how to be, and if the truth were known, I have been too damned good to the masses. Each of those involved in this incident have been warned, and it came as no surprise to anyone that i had fired TWO, yes two, that would be 2, employees by ten am. I COULD NOT take anymore, I was going to have a stroke, due to the sheer incompetence and lack of caring about one's job, and while now I will have that stroke because ALL things are not getting done, at least there will be a reason: no one is there to do it. Other than me. So, guess what I am learning to do beginning this evening? Yes, that is right, I am now the parts man, also. I have had to be in the past, but things have changed over time, and I have alot to learn. ALOT. How will I accomplish this new feat along with all the other things that are my responsibility? Beats the hell out of me, lieutenant. But you can bet your sweet ass I will, because I have NEVER met a challenge I couldn't handle. I will not be able to hire anyone as long as we are for sale, people perceive that as being an unstable place of employment, and rightly so, although I will continue to try. I have been looking for a replacement for these two for a while now....and I can already tell you it just aint happenin' for the time being. We are only "FOR SALE", not sold. I cannot hire someone without that person knowing that, it just isn't the way I do things. Ahhhh...where's the Tylenol?

In any event, that was the morning that i had yesterday. Then I got to go to the Whippy Dip, and had to cook and sling ice cream for the masses until I thought my legs would fall off, and that was only five o'clock! Am I getting old? Ummmm, yes.

Then I came home and stewed...and fell asleep. I am still tired this morning, and i have much to accomplish today. MUCH. One little thing,'s funny how the others that work there got REALLY busy and job attentive when people began packing up their belongings....

Okay, so I am my glorious day. I hope yours doesn't suck. Out.


Anonymous said...

yeah... it's funny that eh?? gosh u work way too much.. shouldering a lot of responsibility...take it easy.. keep that blood pressure down... but i know what you mean..seems there's a lot of idiots in the workplace recently...

SOUL: said...

holy wonder we didn't see you around yesterday. i don't think i woulda been very "chatty" either.
can't sy that i've had to fire anyone before ... much less TWO persons on the same day... but i imagine...and have noticed ... that it is not something that you would find enjoyment or freedom in. just not your way to hurt people...even when they need that good kick in the pants! and you know these two did need that.
BUT...lemmee tell ya one thing...i did get fired once... when i was still young and entering the work force.... i learned a lot from that experience. it was the ONLY job i was ever fired from. and it was MY fault. same reasons you express here... i NEVER was fired from another job. NEVER.and i was like 17 or 18 at the time.

soooo. look at at in the positive light jamie. they will hopefully learn a LIFE lesson from this. you honestly may have done them a favor. they will hopefully take away a lesson learned. don't be hard on yourself...although work will be tougher..maybe you can recruit help from within...surely someone has less of a workload and will lend a hand?
hope you have a better day
ok...leaving now...:)

Josie Two Shoes said...

Crappy day INDEED!! And I so understand why you had to let those two slackers go. Doesn't sound like much was getting done WITH them, and they were driving you crazy. Is there no one else in another area that can be transferred to parts, at least temporarily? You certainly can't do three jobs! Or how about a retiree temp looking for some extra Christmas cash? Loved it that everyone else suddenly got BUSY... yes, sometimes a very hands on approach is the best lesson. My heart sure goes out to you though, since you were already tired before this, and I'm sure you aren't looking forward to today... or tomorrow. Are you continuing to job hunt? This place could be in For Sale status for some time which sure leaves you in a bind. All this loyalty might not pay off in the end. Just know that my good thoughts and positive energy are headed your way today... and maybe a pillow so you can nap at your desk! :-) BTW "whining" is welcome in my circle of friends. I never was good at being politically correct and I think very little of those who feel so superior as to need to judge others and what they write here. Obviously, you have friends who read and care about you, so write it as you feel it - that's the whole purpose, isn't it?! :-)

simonsays said...

Love you guys!

Amanda said...

Dawling, I'm disappointed. I kept reading on in hopes of seeing a real whine and all I got was one helluva power rant! :)

Whatever happened to the good ol' whines? You know, the ones where people would just sit around and complain about everything while doing nothing! Everyone is so dogon proactive about everything now! ;)

simonsays said...

teehee Amanda....;)

SOUL: said...

pssst jamie... lemmee know when ya get some down time... i will be busy for several hours at least...but will be lookin for ya.
take it easy...well, as ez as you can
we love you too girl...:))
i put a new post up... if ya get bored. which i doubt you'll have time for. boredom i mean.
ok..gotta get off my now.
c ya

Portia said...

I have NEVER met a challenge I couldn't handle.
rock on, woman! i would have been having a nervous breakdown after a day like that but i see it will take a lot more to get you down. sorry you gotta deal with all this crap...i hope today is a good one - or at least not as bad as yesterday!!

SOUL: said...

hey... i liked that little comment too jamie. you go girl.
anyhow... i'm obviously not doing what i am supposed to be doing. and at this point...aside from calling the insurance place... not sure i will.. so. here i am.
how's your day?
find your happy place jamie...ohhhhm

evalinn said...

Whining IS allowed in the Blogosphere, hope this day turns out better!

Beth said...

damn...2 people before 10am?!! you slave driver, you! ;)

Hey, cut as many as you have to...imcompetence sucks...just makes more work for you in the meantime which sucks.

Hang in there!!

Summer said...

I feel for you and you know what? It's YOUR blog. Whine if you want to. If people don't want to read it you can fire them too!

I hope your day was better.

Maria said...

You have to do what you have to do and maybe in the long run, this was the best course of action. I mean...the rest of your employees are starting to work now and maybe with their production levels up, you can work to figure out your end of the puzzle now.

Good luck!

SOUL: said...

JAMIE! you on here? i'm on...come find me!

Gina said...

Wine for Whine...a nice friendship.