Friday, July 27, 2007

There once was an elephant....

This would be the "short version" in the retelling of my day yesterday.

I worked my ass off, nearly literally....what didn't get worked off, got sweated off, the heat is unbearable, and trust me---the parts department adds about twenty degrees. I was cussed out and swore at on the phone by one of the now unemployed prior employees of the business...I managed to get one major hurdle in my accounting part of the job done....I got my hands, face, clothes filthy because EVERYTHING in the parts area is just the same, I realized the problems in that area are WAY worse than I thought...I got angry because of that, and I realized that i cannot learn anything there until I can freakin' FIND it....I arrived home somewhere around eight forty-five and I could hardly get out of the car due to sheer weakness and exhaustion from my health problems after having the kind of day that I did...because no one was home, I had to manage alone...getting up the stairs to change had to wait until pain medication/brown bottle kicked in....I died on the sofa. That was my day.

I get to do it again, today.

I am somewhat mobile this morning, better than I thought I might be. I have a few things to do in my own office today, I will not be in the service/parts area as much today, and that will be a good thing so that I will continue to be able to walk all day long. Tomorrow and Sunday, H agreed to come with me to help clean/catalogue, put away all the SHIT accumulated there. I WILL get through this....and I will KNOW a hell of a lot about it by the time we manage it...uuughhh....I am already tired. It IS Friday, you know. Not that it will help me, but it's Friday just the same. Have a great one!


SOUL: said...

sorry it was another tough one. at least you were sort of prepared for it to be though this time. some times, that's pessimistic...others it's self preservation. just my thoughts.
glad you got some help comin your way... you DO have a great family, i hope you KNOW that. it's easy to overlook sometimes, when ya just don't feel good yet have to struggle through it...and feel like no one cares how your body or mind is staking battle upon every fiber of you r being. huh? i guess people like us.. if we aren't bleeding, with our eyeballs hanging out, and we can still be somewhat mobile..people think we are ok. UGH. no one understands how horrible it feels, and not only that, the fact that there's nothing to really do about it, except move on, or lay down. or be a bitch. i prefer the latter...but usually end up laying down. well.. actually, i'm a laying down bitch. how's that. :))
anyways. yes it is friday! woo hoo. the very day i have been dreading for a month. will i finish my crap? perhaps...but surely not to the standards i had hoped.
YOU jamie... just do what you can... the person that called to give you a hard time..really had no right to do time, tell him to email you...because you are busy doing HIS job! plus...if any insults or bad language on his have it in writing. watch your back jamie. this is the decade of frivolous lawsuits .
well alrighty then. that's what i got to say about that.
where in the hell are you? :))
email me at least eh..i'm gonna be totally out of touch for almost three days. i'm gonna have withdrawls. jamie withdrawls. oh bummer.
ook i'm done hi jacking your blog.
gonna go take over someone elses i reckon./
hope to catch ya later
and i hope you have a bettah day,m and many brown bottles for your weekend!

SOUL: said...

well crap, i guess i missed you again? hmmmm

simonsays said...

Soul, I will miss you, too this weekend...but it will be good for you, and that's what you need. You really hit the nail on the head on how others view us when we aren't well...i have said that for years, but no one until you really understood it. thanks for that. It is nice to feel like someone gets me. And a laying down bitch is the best kind, really! Thanks for all your encouragement kiddo, whatever would I do without you?

Anonymous said...


Just missed each other! Gosh.. i know it's not fun to be that way and how other's look at you..they just don't understand... Keep ur chin up and only one more day till the weekend... hope its a good one.

CCC said...

My poor chica! I know that exhausted feeling. I work in a dirty sweaty gym. Where some clients don't wash themselves too frequently! Try to relax some tonight. And tommorrow night, too.;)

Portia said...

one major hurdle down...a billion to go;) baby steps, one at a time, and you WILL get there.
i hope your weekend is good and relatively pain free... if possible :]

abbagirl74 said...

Work sucks doesn't it? I don't work in the parts department, but I have to deal with a bunch of customers and employees every day. It can be so tiresome!

Gina said...

oh man...last i read you hit the floor in the garage....I see you are still in pain but you still keep going....back on my prayter chain you are going. Dear Lord please heal up Jamies body and give her strength and rest in Jesus name! Amen.

get some rest! if you can.

Josie Two Shoes said...

Checking in late here, but I just wanted to say that I think it is sweet of H to volunteer to help you get things organized in the parts department. I know you will feel far better when you know where the hell everything is. We too have uncovered some nasty surprises when dismissing incompetent staff. Sure hope you still manage to squeeze in a little down time, I worry about you always having to push yourself so far beyond physical limits. I too know what Soul says about people looking just fine on the outside so nobody realizes they are struggling so hard just to keep going. I think a nice little vacation is in order, any chance of that in the forseeable future?

Amanda said...

I hope you have a great weekend anyway, Jamie!

Summer said...

What Soul said X 100. I'm making an assumption about your health here, autoimmune? Sucks doesn't it? I'm right there with you.

Anonymous said...

You know, everytime I attempt to give you some "wise words of wisdom", they are as much for me as they are for you.

It's like telling you something is remind me of the the same things. I loved souls comment.

So now I'm going to tell you to HANG IN THERE! And I'm going to do the same.

You could come over, I'll make rum and cokes with twists of lime and we can be drunk as skunks together. Personally, I've never met a drunk skunk, but I have met a few drunk birds from fermented berries. :>


SOUL: said...

nobody gets me either jamie.... that's why i bother you all the time. we get it huh.

i hope you are ok today... it's monday. i think.. no crap it's tuesday . ugh. i do need a nap. but anyhow. yep. trying to catch up with myself, and everything else around here. obviously not doin to well with that.
that's ok..i am ME afterall... i will get thru it eventually.