Wednesday, July 25, 2007


It has been a short night, and going to be a long day. I have to sling ice cream today, and i haven't done that in forever. I have to cover for YS who just left the hospital in his own personal la-la land, apparently he has inherited the family migraine headache gene, this must be his second or third one in the past six months. It makes me sad that he has to suffer with them-D gets them quite severely, also. I used to get them back in my teen years, but I haven't had to deal with them since. So anyway, I am covering for YS today, who will be knocked out for several hours from the shot he got at the emergency room. I don't mind, but I am so damned behind at my regular job. :(

H had a pretty uneventful birthday, he worked on the rental house until late, no family dinner, no gifts (yet), no hoopla of any kind. HOOPLA-----now there is a word. It even SOUNDS funny when you say it. I guess on Friday, we will have his birthday dinner and hoopla...teehee. It really was a good thing that it was put off until the weekend, I was in quite a state when I got home from work, my stress level there is off the charts. I don't like feeling that way, but at this time, there is little I can do about the issues I am having I am trying to deal with it. And apparently not so well...or I wouldn't be planning a weekend drunk on Tuesday.

I am attempting to eat my Super Golden Crisp as I write this, and I have a very heavy, loud, striped kitty wanting it just as much as I do. I think I shall sign off and talk later---I hope everyone's day is awesome!


SOUL: said...

sorry jamie...i slept in...if you can call it still on?
wish i woulda got up in time to spew your cereal...although, you are prolly more prepared for such things. :)
have a better day.
hope the son is feeling better. i'm tellin ya "imitrex injections" layin in bed all day... well of course once in a while, but not with every heavy drug side effects. plus if you're a nauseus migraine person...ya can't puke up a shot. AND they work a lot faster than the pills. worth a try. the best i've tried for the migraines. aside of course from the narcotics, which come with the lovely side effects of bliss. but well... docs must lust like to see me in pain, cuz getting any pain releif from the them is lie pulling teeth! MY OWN !
they hate me. it's a conspiracy. A let's make soul miserable conspiracy. ya that's it.
me, pranoid.? nah , not lil ole me.
stop looking at me.

Josie Two Shoes said...

Hi Jamie! You know that I can sure relate to work being an insane situation. About noon yesterday I would have gladly joined you for that drunk... THEN the drug test! LOL When is the new boss supposed to take over there? I like to hope it will be better for you, could it be any worse? I think it sucks how places a person once enjoyed working can become so different thru the years. I guess that's our signal it's time to move on. If only that were as easy as tossing things in a box! I know a good deal of stress comes from being stuck in a situation you don't want to be in. Then on top of it you have to work extra hours at job two. Don't know how you do it girl! Glad to hear that you are planning' H's party for Friday night, by then you will for sure be ready for that celebrating (as much for you surviving the week as for him :-) It is hump day, so lets just get on with it and over it! I'll be thinking of you! Josie is now headed for the shower, another day coming up, ready or not.

Portia said...

A short night and a long day? Sounds utterly disappointing. I hope the ice cream gig's not too bad and you get to enjoy your evening tonite! i know it's hard when you've gotta get up for more funtimes at your regular job. *cheers* to a better day, and to YS feeling better:)

Beth said...


I love that stuff!

hoopla...I have to work that in somehow that word.

hope you have a good day slinging ice cream!

Beth said...

oh, migraines...I get them too. I tried Imatrex but had a bad reaction to it, so I kind of have to tough it out or take excedrin Migraine, which, believe it or not, actually works sometimes.

Alissa said...

I suffer from migraines too, and if I don't take a maintenance medication everyday, they come on constantly. Such a miserable thing to have to live with...

SOUL: said...

jamie...where are ya? you still workin?

LastStand said...

Short nights and long days, its like you described my life.

SOUL: said... up?
i just got up....i see you visited :)...haven't read yet...fixin to.

SOUL: said...

JAMIE! where are you?

CCC said...

How do you not eat the ice cream. That is the question!Although, I wouldn't mind working there with you. ;) If you'd give me a few snacks (right about now)!