Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Where were you, when I could have loved you?

Tuesday...already. My Monday was dreadfully long, but it seemed to go quickly. That makes no sense, I am aware. By the time I got home at eight-thirty last night, I knew it had been a long day. I DIDN'T HAVE A HEADACHE all day! That part was awesome. I still don't. I think my sodium levels must have come back up, and I believe that dreaded headache is now a thing of the past. Yea, ME. The ridiculous sweating at night has improved also, just as soon as I cut the dosage on the cymbalta. So, now i know for sure that was the reason for the sodium levels being too low. But anyway...

I bought a car for my youngest yesterday. It was a weekend trade in, a really good deal-of course- and I am so tired of paying the repair bills on his old one. I am selling that one to an employee at the garage, a mechanic, which is just perfect, since he can fix it himself, for little or no money. I was happy to help the youngest kiddo one more time, but i told him this was it. There is no way he and GF would have been able to do it for themselves right now, and I am quite proud of how they have learned to handle their life, their money....etc. I also told him no birthday or Christmas this year. We will see how long I stick to that plan....:)

I met D's new man in her life last night. He is a cutie..seemed like a good guy. :)

It's H's birthday today. He didn't want any special plans...in fact, he is working on the rental house all day...that's a fun birthday, right? He is 43 today. That seems old, yes I know I am four years older, but in my mind, he will always be 29, the age he was when I met him. He doesn't look any older.

I got up later than I should have and i need to get my ass in gear. I hope each of you have a great day. Out.


SOUL: said...

well... things sound good on your side. glad you found the prob with the glowing, and headache..glowing..that still makes me laugh.
as for no birthday or christmas...suuuuure jamie. you're a MOM, remember?
my kid has been grounded for not doing her chores ... no computer, not going anywhere etc... and somehow, in my brainfog, i had let MYSELF feel bad that she was not getting out. GOOD LORD. what is it with mothers? i don't feel bad now... in fact... i'm ready to whip her A%% even tho i have never hit her... don't they say... never say never???
have a great day
happy b-day to hubby
ummmm....have you thought of a single white rose... simple... yet powerful?
ok....i'll shut up now.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jamie,
Sounds like u had a good, even if it was a long Monday. No headaches...less sweating...seems like everyone is coming out of a bad spell. That's good news and makes me happy that everyone is doing well. Soul is up and about it seems....

Anonymous said...

Geez...blogger is really weird today...seems like we commented at the same time! Heya soul!

SOUL: said...

yankee...that is happening too often lately... did you see your own page...you and jamie both posted while i was posting. THAT was weird.
k.. i gotta go drag out my poems. back in sec.

Portia said...

so glad the headache's gone:) i have read some really nasty things about cymbalta that included the headaches & sweating and much worse. i hope you're over that hump & tuesday is flying by!

CCC said...

"but in my mind, he will always be 29, the age he was when I met him. He doesn't look any older." that is sooo sweet...I almost cried!"

Amanda said...

I'm so happy to hear you are feeling better! Lots of good news, yahoo! :)