Monday, July 23, 2007

Sha-Boom sha-boom

Sunday went by fast
It was spent mostly asleep
Summer tv sucks

I did manage food
for the troops even tho it
wasn't all that great

Tried to read a book
but sleep kept calling my name
did not drink even one

Today will be long
so much to get done by eight
it's Monday again


SOUL: said...

oooh... it is monday huh. i just left yankees page and she said monday, i think it threw me off.

well, hope you are feeling better , and have a good monday.. if there is such a thing. :))

Amanda said...

Nothing like a lazy Sunday. Sending telepathic non-stress vibes for today.

JYankee said...

sorry i messed everyone up :)

Portia said...

summertime tv does suck. here's to monday going by fast...


Just telling it like it is said...

ohhh me no likey the Mondays...but it is one day closer to friday!! Hope you get everything done!!

Swishy said...

The weekends always go by WAY TOO FAST!

Proxima Blue said...

You never know, maybe something good will happen this week.

Have you made mini-pizzas before?

You just get some English muffins, spaghetti sauce, cheese and whatever toppings; olives and mushrooms or whatever.

Heat it up and eat.

I found this receipe when looking for ideas when my nephew was here and he thought they were cool! A quick mix salad makes it extra nutritous.

Glad you got some rest!
Take Care

SOUL: said...

you didn't drink one

a book... or a sleep.

you got me all kindsa confused.

or did i just read it wrong?

how's your day goin???

simonsays said...

Soul, you have to be a little creative in knowing what i didn't drink, I got the 5-7-5 correct this time, give me a little more experience, I will get better at these haikus! I didn't drink anything in a brown bottle yesterday...teehee

SOUL: said...

oh crap!
i told you i was slow.
i forgot all about the haiku's. sorry. you're did get it this time. sorry. my bad!
ya gotta remember me... when i look at that.. i see "stanzas". cuz i write poems.
next time i shall
seek the haiku!
sorry you had no brown bottle... to go with your no nascar.
no fair

Gina said...

Hey...NICE POEM!!! Capture the heart and soul of your summer funless Sunday night into.... Monday. Sleep is calling your name...i love it. JaaaaamiezzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZ

SOUL: said... here?

simonsays said...

Yep - I'm here. I was just wondering the same about you. R U better this am?

Summer said...

Make your Tuesday and good one too!

SOUL: said...

yippers... here i am.
what are you doin? is anything making ya spew cereal on the computer yet? :))
i haven't been inspired to post anything yet... just cruisin arond for now.
ya... i'm doin better. i still sound like a bro in law called yesterday, and even after talking to me for 15 years, and his brother for 41... he thought i was hubby on the phone.
how flattering. perhaps i should just rest the vocals a while longer.
what's on your plate today?
any more haikus to share?
want me to dig out a few of mine? that oughtta start your day with a chuckle. :))

simonsays said...

I could use a chuckle this morning...kinda tired, kinda out of it....typical for me. teehee. Let's call your deep voice your "sexy" voice, sounds nicer....

SOUL: said...

trust me jamie...there is nuthing sexy about this voice i posess!
in fact, there's nothing sexy about me at all right now. :))

ok... give me topic...i prolly got a haiku...i have to go dig out my binder...i told you i USED to be organized. :)
back in a flash....with a hai-puke ! lol

SOUL: said...

no topic? you're gonna make me just wing it eh?
hmmmm. well ok. gimmee a few then check me blog. k
don't expect much.. hai-puke is not my area of expertise. then again, what is? :))

SOUL: said...

hmmm...did you go to work? right in the middle of my haiku-ness? oh's up now. i don't have as many as i thought. maybe twelve... but looking at them again... i realized... i apparently didn't know about the 5-7-5 thing either. only a couple had that down. soooo... i only put one up. the rest need A LOT of work.
anyhow... TTYL

SOUL: said...

ok fine.
i guess i'll stop blogstalking and go do something productive. although it is not what i would choose to do if i didn't have to, but i shall clean. bathrooms. oh the joy of it all. i gotta admit... i do enjoy company...even if it is family... usually. BUT... the preparing the house for them????? ERG.