Saturday, July 28, 2007

Excess libation



Cottage Cheese

Black Coffee

In that order.

Why can't I hold my liquor anymore?

I'm off to the sweat mines---have a great, productive, non-sweaty and non-dirty day!


Josie Two Shoes said...

Poor Jamie! Not only do you gotta go slave in the hot, dirty parts bins, but on a Saturday and with a hangover. Wish you could just crawl back in bed instead! I'm guessing the alcohol doesn't sit well with your meds and the lupus. I sure can't drink anymore, not even one. If I do, the next day I every bone and mucle in my body will ache like I've been run over with a truck. So I leave the stuff alone, but sometimes it would be so nice to enjoy one cold beer or a glass of good wine. The way this year has gone though, it might be a blessing, one could easily lead to two... Hope you feel better tomorrow, I guess you will "sweat it out" there for sure. Love ya!

"Wolfgang" said...

Welcome to the joys of aging!

Anonymous said...

I hope you drank a lot of water with all of those diretics, and that you continue to drink it at you hot workplace. Otherwise were going to get another post that finds you getting scraped off the floor again.

No more human pancake moments. You only get one per fiscal year. You're going to have to hire the Ennamclaw fainting goat for kicks until the end of the year. :>

Hope your day goes quickly so you can come back home and take it easy.


abbagirl74 said...

Too late. I enjoyed a muggy morning at the Farmer's market. Sweating before even walking an eighth of a mile. Ugh...

Maria said...

Alka seltzer always makes it worse for me.

Try eating toast. No jam or peanut butter...just a bit of soft butter.

It helps.

And seven up too....

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. why does acceptance of alcohol get worse with age??? Is there some connection...tell me!

SOUL: said...

hiya.. if ya skip the alka seltzer and cottage cheese.. in which just the thought of those two make me throw up a little in my mouth..... i live on black coffee and excedrine every morning of my life.