Friday, July 13, 2007

Do you know the way to San Jose?

I am upright this morning, although I was yesterday when I wrote my post, too. I really thought i would be able to work and carry out my day, but it only took me minutes to realize that I had a high fever, and I was quite dizzy....I laid back down, and called the dr as soon as they opened. It seems that I have an ear/sinus/throat infection. Heavy anti-biotics, stay home in bed, contagious as long as there is fever. So, I did literally nothing yesterday...tried to sleep...but the damned phone kept ringing....CrazyDog wanted out/then she wanted in...D playing music, getting ready to leave...I gave up on the sleeping and just laid there, all freakin' day and all freakin' night, and today I have got to get on with something...I cannot lay there anymore. I didn't hear from Owner all day, very unusual,then I got a very curt email from i am sure he is irritated with me, which is enough to make me work today, whether I should or not. I have no doubt that he gets tired of my health issues, and lately, there seems to be more than my share. There is so way that he is more irritated about it than me, I have absolutely zero tolerance for sick people, including myself. So, I will work today. But I am still pretty rough. The left side of my throat is on fire, isn't that strange...shouldn't the whole thing hurt? I am certain that the fever would be present if not for the 6 thousand ibuprofen I have taken...but I will stay away from everyone as well as I can.

I watched about forty episodes of "Snapped" on oxygen...have you ever seen that show? It is always about a woman who "snaps" and kills her husband....the fact that I like it makes H rather nervous...but they always get caught, and are always convicted to life, at least, until one I saw yesterday, and she was acquitted, due to severe abuse from her husband for many, many years. So, I am not abused, and I would say that H is relatively safe. ;)

I had the damnedest dreams all night last night, something about spilling the salt, and not throwing it over the shoulder.....and one about my things being stolen...what the hell? I don't usually dream that way, and most usually can't remember them....must be fever...

I have no plans for the weekend, except for working tomorrow...I have got to do something about my house, I really need to vacuum, I am noticing kitty hair....everywhere. I don't even know if my vacuum is upstairs, it seems that both sons borrow it now----OS said he needed it the other day, I was not here to know if he took it. I need to break down and buy one for each of them, actually, I already have...but they kill vacuums pretty regularly, and they ones that I bought were the inexpensive variety. I love cats but I am not crazy about their hair, and while CrazyDog sheds, she sheds on the floor only---I am finding cat hair on the kitchen counters...dining table...ewww.

Friday the 13th. Usually a pretty good day for me. I tend to be superstitious, but only about the positive things. I pay zero attention to the negative cats, ladders, mirrors, and I only listen to the find a penny....driving under a train bridge....etc. Selective Superstitions. How's that for a newly coined word?

Have a great Friday---I hope it's a lucky one for you!


JYankee said...

managed to get thru my friday in one piece. can i say that it's because they don't believe in that stuff here??? heh heh. hope u survive the day...but sounds like a bad one... do as little as possible and get well soon!

SOUL: said...

i've had that one sided throat pain before...did they test you for strep? surely they did? i think that's what i had when it felt that way.
anyhow... wish you didn't feel so crappy, and hope they gave you good meds that work FAST!
i can't believe your boss hassled you for being sick. especially when men are such babies when they get a sniffle! geesh!
oh... and the "snapped" thing. that is sooo funny. our anniversary was july 1st... hubby woke up to an episode of "snapped"...and couldn't resist to comment... then when he came to bed that night... guess what i had on tv? YEP.. "snapped"! it was a all day marathon! on our wedding anniversary. it was pretty funny. but he too is relatively safe. for now. :))

well... i do hope you get to feeling better soon

SOUL: said...

yankee just left me a message to come see the song of the day.. i'm so out of first trip over, i didn't even realize this WAS a song! duh!
oh well... i NEVER claimed brilliance... or memory for that matter.
my senile!

Beth said...

Friday the 13th is always a good day for me too!

get better....screw the boss...not literally tho...unless you want to, of course...

Josie Two Shoes said...

Jamie, what the hell are you doing at work? If a doctor's slip isn't good enough for your boss, screw him!! When you fall over, will he be happy? You have been so damn loyal these years, and I know you push yourself to be there when you don't feel up to it, but there comes a time to say "I need rest"! Soul is right, that does sound like strep - and I hope that everyone gets it if he makes you be there! One SHOULD NOT be running around with a fever!

The crazy dreams were very likely caused by the Ibuprofin, that happens to both me and my daughter if we take much... more like halluciinations. Some people just react that way to the stuff.

LOL at the cat fur, yup, the house at the farm was ALL soft and furry - even books I picked up to read. I used to wince when people would drop by to visit in dark clothing. It floats in the air... everywhere, no matter how dilegently you brush and clean. But hey, it's the price one pays for a little kitty love. :-) I so hope you will take it easy this weekend. Hopefully the antibiotics will start doing their magic by Monday. Be good to yourself!!

Portia said...

i hope you get to feelin better before your whole weekend is gone!!

take care of yourself, cause nobody else will :)

SOUL: said...

you better get better... i miss you :((
does that sound selfish? i's not sposed to. but i do miss you. AND want you better. is that better? :)

CCC said...

I am fascinated by your dream...isn't there a superstition about throwing salt over your shoulder??? What does that mean...will have to google it. There must be a connection somehow....wonder what you think??

SOUL: said...

i am STILL singing the song of the day jamie..thank you very much. :))
no revenge this time though..only cuz you don't feel good. but i'll get you next time :))

Amanda said...

Jamie said it best. :)

Good employees do not grow on trees, even I know that.

simonsays said...

You guys always make me smile...and laugh. I needed that today---thanks so much!