Tuesday, June 26, 2007

How much is that doggie in the window?

Good Lord, it's already nearly six-thirty, and here i sit, only awake for about an hour, I still haven't worked the kinks out of my body, so getting going is out of the question at this time. But I am late. I woke up late. That is like, at least two or three times in the past couple of months. For someone who never sleeps, this is really new territory. I came home very tired last evening, and in pain. More pain than I have been in for quite some time. No apparent reason, really, if you don't count thirteen hour work days, and I have been doing those for quite some time. Well, they will just have to wait on me at the garage today, I will not be there on time. Not that I have to punch a clock, or justify when I come and go, but I am always there early. If I have to be late then this is a good day to do it, I have very little waiting on me to do.

I was on the phone with YS last evening, pretty late. He and GF were fighting, they haven't done that in some time, or at least not to the point of him calling me. He calls when he is exasperated, and doesn't know what to do, they both have bad tempers, and are both very young, at least when it comes to knowing how to handle the anger. Last evening, he didn't sound as mad as he did hurt. He came with his father's ugly temper already installed, and I'll be damned if he is going to wait until he is in his fifties to learn how to control it. He has made great progress, the outbursts of his have gotten way better, according to the both of them. I told him to just drop it and go to bed, that things would look way different this morning. I am not sure if that is what he did, but i didn't hear any more. If only we could know in our twenties what we know in our forties, wouldn't life be so much easier? The sad part is, by the time we figure that out, we have messed up many a relationship....I have zero tolerance for tempers, i am sure that is due to being married to his dad. I will not be yelled at, I will not be swore at, and don't you EVER raise a hand to me. EVER. Well anyway, I know that YS is trying NOT to be the way his father is. And if we try, we usually succeed.

I suppose I should try to get moving. That will be hard this morning. I wish a wonderful Tuesday for each of you, as well as for me. Out!


SOULMANGE: said...

i haven't read the post yet... but i do hope you realize, THIS is one of the most irritating, and regular songs to get stuck in my head, for no friggin apparent reason at all. THANK you., i know i will sing it for days now. LOL
i'll get you back! :))

SOULMANGE: said...

well, i hope that all is worked out..or will be soon with the son. young relationships are always tough. it's good he has you to call in those times. lotsa "kids" don't feel they can talk to their parents. you are a good mamma!

maybe you need to raise the level of meds? they seemed to be working real well for you...or maybe you're right..just working too hard.
TRY..i know.. but try ...to take it easy today.

have a good one

("me and julio down by the schoolyard!)

enjoy that one for a while! LOL

simonsays said...

Now Soul, THAT is rotten, I hate the julio song......even if he is in a frickin' schoolyard...teehee

Josie Two Shoes said...

IT is so damn funny.. everytime we log onto Jamie's page we just gotta sing thru the damn song of the day... you stop that Jamie!:-)

Doing relationships right when you are young is hard, and hard when you are older too. But at least we get a better idea of what is important and what to let go. I'm with you Jamie, on the temper thing. I've lived too much with men who think yelling and screaming and throwing and breaking is a great way to control things. That's why I love my freedom so much... it's peaceful!
Sure hope you start to feel better as your day goes on.

CCC said...

I remember those BF/GF fights....they were ususally over stupid shit that never mattered in the long run.

Ah, youth. Just remind them how good they have it now. Wait until after they marry. That's when the true hardcore crap begins ;) Bills, jobs, babies, mortgages... :D

Portia said...

well hello there:) i am enjoying your blog. you're right about the tempers, they don't serve to do anything but exacerbate an already downhill situation. my husband and i were bickering like idiots yeaterday and though i knew we were both being petty is so hard to back down once you get going. as you said previously, life doesn't get in the way of the good if you don't let it. i try to remember that:)

SOULMANGE: said...

that is too funny. so did you end up singin it today, or were you too busy?
luckily i was too busy to sing either one... TIL NOW.
now julio, is in the schoolyard with the stupid doggie!
have a great nite

SOUL: said...

i was just cruisin thru tryin to find some mojo in our old posts...
these were fun times.

so-- anyhow--if you happen to be good n buzzed right now on this new years eve... which i hope you are----

sing it!

me n julio down by the schoolyard!!!!

SOUL: said...

ps.. i think i may just have to shoot that damn doggie in the window-- i STILL sing that song!