Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday

So, today is the retirement party. I am hoping that there is a decent showing of people, for his (service manager's) sake. He's a good old guy, he really should have retired several years ago, but he's a good old fart. He makes me laugh, and that i will miss. He also makes me miserable, more than anyone else that works there, and I will be glad that part is over. Mixed emotions.

I bought a car yesterday. It is strange, I haven't OWNED a car for more than a decade---H and I have had several, still have one in the garage, but I haven't had one for years. (just me...this car is mine.) In the car business, at least for me, I have driven cars that belong with the job---it has been very nice, no car payments, no maintenance or repairs. But I thought if I am going to lose my job, then I will also lose my wheels, and I had better get one while I am still employed. I got a great deal, of course, ;) and it's a really cute little car. It's a couple of years old, but in good shape. Anyway, it feels strange to OWN one again. We brought it home and parked it in the garage and it will stay there until I lose the one I am driving.

I was just typing along....a power surge, the computer went off, I lost part of this post, Hmm..I wonder if this is the kind of day I am going to have....

I am running late today---kind of tired. But I am feeling pretty good---praise God for legs are working almost normally. Almost. I have considerable pain at night, but I can walk. :)

I don't have to lay off that employee after all, at least not now. We have been pretty busy, and that is always a good thing, I called him into my office and told him the truth, I asked him what he wanted, whether he would rather draw unemployment or work---he would rather work, so we changed his job position a little, he will be able to stay busy now, he is happy and I certainly am happy. He's a really good kid. :)

I think I'd better get moving----Have a really great day! Out.


Alissa said...

Oh I'm glad you didn't have to lay off that kid. I hate letting people go, unless they totally deserve it. I had an employee come in stoned. The sad part was, she totally admitted she was stoned before she realized that I was having a problem with it, she thought we were bonding over this information or something. But I'm sorry, you can't come in, smelling like it, admitting it, and then expecting me to leave you in charge of the store, and running the slicer...Like I said, she was stoned.

simonsays said...

Heavens alissa, what kind of person would think that was okay? The public never ceases to amaze me!

Josie Two Shoes said...

I hate the hassles of owning cars too, Jamie - but I think you were really wise to get one now in preparation for your future. Are you sure you are going to lose your job with a new owner, or just sure you're not wanting to "train" another one? :-)

I too am glad that you didn't have to lay off the employee, and it pleased me to hear that he would rather work than collect unemployment. Good workers are hard to come by these days.

Alissa...I sure can relate. Why is it stoned people think they are so darn cute and clever? You'd be crazy to leave her in charge of the store.

SOULMANGE: said...

well... sounds like a good day? meds are working. ya don't have to fire the guy. you got ya some wheels. at a bargain price. what more could you ask for? don't answer that!
feel good today

CCC said...

That's fantastic news...about your new car, your *working legs* D... and the employee who gets to keep his job! Yay!

evalinn said...

Jamie, that´s great!

Angelissima said...

I take cymbalta also. yeah, it helps a lot! I'm glad the powers that be figured out that depression "hurts".
I was told I was suffering from Fibromyglblahblah...
(which I think is bogus) its the depression eating away at your bones!

Hang in there!