Monday, May 07, 2007

Wet memories

It's raining. Well, what a surprise-----it has only been raining for days now. DAYS. I am tired of rain, I am tired of sneezing, I am tired of frizzy hair.....fricking rain. Oh---and it's Monday, too. Great. Another rainy Monday. I will get to hang out at the Ice Cream Store on a rainy day. Yippee fricking yay.

It was a quiet day here yesterday, all the kiddos were here, although YS and GF had other things to do, and were only here for a little while. But that was okay---I slept most of the afternoon away, which was just what i needed to do. D slept most of the day away, too. OS was here to hang out, apparently---he didn't even bring his laundry, he has to come back today, a chiropractor appt----so he will do it today. Whatever. But it was a good day, quiet, rainy.

The wonderful state that I live in is flooding---my county isn't yet, at least not officially, although the two other counties that i work in are. I am wondering how that will affect my day--I have never been here in a flood. I do know that i don't like floods, they scare the hell out of me, but I had a serious flooding incident when I was little and we were living in Rapid City SD----apparently the city of floods, according to the reading i have done in the past few years. I had a very real memory of being in that flood, and my mother had told me a little about it, I would have only been about four at the time, but i went looking for it on the internet, and I did find information on it, which was really pretty amazing, as that would have been about forty plus years ago. For some reason, we were living in a TRAILER at the time, (why that would have been, I have no idea) but I was with my mother and father for a few weeks, which was pretty rare, as I lived with my grandparents. My dad was not home, my mother was obviously distressed, my older sister and I were praying-----and then a knock at the door, and a boat-a BOAT-rescued us, it was dark, the water was very surreal looking-water by flashlight-EVERYWHERE-being rowed down the street, our trailer turning over, all the way over, all things lost.That is all of my memory---I just know that it was BAD at the time. I don't like flooding.

I would think it would be impossible for my current state to get that bad, as I live in the midwest, there are no hills or mountains for water to rush from, although any flooding can be pretty disastrous. The rain just needs to stop. I believe the forecast does sound drier, at least after today.

I guess I had better drag myself to the shower---I hope your day is good, and dry. Out.


Beth said...

oh, I hope it stops raining soon where you live. flooding is bad.

A few years ago, the nearby river flooded, and my whole neighborhood was evacuated and it was a nightmare!

Amanda said...

Wow, when it rains it pours, huh?