Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Not enough hours in the day

It's Tuesday, I overslept. How strange----I never do that. Old age, I would guess. I have to be in the big city in a couple of hours, to see the eye dr----whooo hooo. Maybe I can find out why I cannot see? That would be helpful. I am so very tired of doctors, I spent more than an hour with one yesterday, perhaps that will have been an hour well spent, time will tell.

So, I don't work today, at least I am not expected to. If I would get finished in relatively good time, and I still have any eyesight left at all, I may go into the garage, as things there are really getting behind. I spent the day yesterday at the ice cream store working on the schedule, and we just don't have enough employees to cover and I will have to continue to help until school is out. In the meantime, things at the garage continue to pile up. I hate that---there was a time when I would have worked all night to keep caught up but i have ZERO desire to do that lately. I already work way too many hours, and things will just have to wait. But I hate it.

I hope your day is good---I will be back.

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