Thursday, May 03, 2007

On Many things...

Whoo-Hoo, it's crazy time! And the ICS really is going to be just that, crraaaazzzyyy. I am as up to it as I am going to get, all preparations have been made, the rest is up to the customers. And the employees, and they are a bunch of crazies, as well. Hopefully, I will still be mobile (and sane) by the time I get home tonight, I did manage pretty well yesterday, at least for me.

Oprah really pisses me off these days. Why, you ask? No particular reason, I just think she has become her own biggest fan---I try to remember all the good that she does for others, and I think that's admirable, but then again, she should. All of us should do good for others, ALL of us. I do my part, and she should do hers.

D is here for a few days, she will be helping out with Tulip Time. She will be able to take a few of my hours and I can then be at the garage, at least part of the time. She is leaving for Florida to pick up a car for us, will fly down to Tampa, and drive it back. I am hoping the OS will be able to go with her, if not, I might. I am really not crazy about the idea, but i hate to see her go alone. It wouldn't be the first time, and I have taken off on such adventures by myself when I was younger, hell I still would----but we all think our kids are not capable, you know? All of my kids have driven all over this country,well--- not so much the younger one, but the other two have. You all know how happy I am to fly, just the thought brings tears to my eyes, tears of happiness, no doubt. But I will, if necessary. We could leave Sunday morning, arrive back home here late Monday night. Hopefully OS will go with her.

So stay- at-home- Mom's just got a three percent raise---or the annual survey that says how much the work that they do is worth----$138,000 annually. Hell, why didn't I just be a stay at home mom? Too bad they don't really earn that, we would have so many more well adjusted adults running around, because as children they would have better taken care of. It would have been so wonderful to be able to be home with my kids when they were little. I don't mean to go all Dr Laura on you, but the world really would be a better place. I had no choice but to work, and I suspect that most of you don't have that choice, either. I know there are some valid arguments on the benefits of quality day care, but how could that ever be any better than a loving mother to take care of you the first years of your life?

I guess I am off to my day. If the weather holds, it will be busy. I hope your day is great, too.


SOULMANGE: said...

i didn't get no 3 percent raise! hubby did tho! yesterday! woo hoo. not to brag or anything...but he has been back at this job since september '06, and this last raise put him at a total of a 9 percent raise... in less than a year!!!
what a guy.
my question is this... how can we still be so freakin broke all the time? grrrrrrrrrrr

Amanda said...

I call the likes of Oprah "professional do-gooders." Dunno. I like the amateur ones better. said fly? Now I'm nervous. I've managed to avoid it 7 years now, but I'm slowly running out of excuses.

PS. Being a WAHM is even better. You get to work for NO money. (It all gets transfered automatically to the mortgage bank.)

Beth said...

thank god I'm not the only one! I used to love me some Oprah....but I don't know....she pisses me off with her huge diamond earrings and stuff. she seems really full of herself these days.