Friday, May 04, 2007

A collective "they"

So, the weather has gone all midwest on us....the expected forecast has now gone to shit, and Tulip Time has so far been a big bust. I am at the garage, at least for the time being.....damn.

I was so tired this morning, I could not post. I am not in too much better shape now, but I am functioning. My kids seriously are going to be the death of me. Now a new problem---one that apparently has been taken care of, but when will they learn? I say they, I really mean she. But I have in the past meant each of them. So I guess that makes it a "they". I am feeling the need for a drink coming on, well--- not just A drink, but a couple or five. Perhaps tonight? I will let you know. Hope all is good with each of you ------Later.

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Amanda said...

The best way to learn is when there's no mom and dad around to bail one out. I've seen several so-called incorrigables, including myself, reform almost immediately this way...