Wednesday, May 02, 2007

No PINK in sight

Do you remember when I told you that i cannot grow anything? Do you also remember when I told you, about two months ago, that I was going to try growing an avocado pit in a glass of water, to eventually have a plant? (I would put the two links here, but since I am technologically impaired....and that's the name of another blog post, but oh well). So anyway, i have had this increasingly unattractive glass of water, with toothpicks holding up a brown, round, turd looking thing on my counter in my kitchen for quite some time now. I have resisted the urge to throw it out, many, many times. Many. Because I REALLY wanted that plant. One that I had started myself. It had gown a tail, as it was supposed to, and was beginning to grow the top "shooter" as was the protocol. I have been somewhat excited by that, particularly since I cannot grow anything. Also, if you know me at all, you know that getting ME excited by anything is quite miraculous. So this morning, reaching for a paper towel, I knocked the damned thing over. Glass and all came crashing to the floor, water spilling and splattering, toothpicks and turd separating, going different directions. Shit. No way to salvage the experiment in a glass, the turd came apart, tail only connected by one side.....whatever. No more ugly on the counter in the kitchen, at least.Damn.

I survived the day yesterday, but barely. It was hell, and my back and body still know it this morning. I have no idea how i will manage at the ICS on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The pace in the Dutch Village is already showing signs of a profitable Tulip Time, if we survive, that is. Good thing I am the one with the bad attitude, I wouldn't put up with it from any employee there. And I keep my opinions and attitudes to myself.

Off to the garage today. D is working today, and perhaps hanging out with us all through the weekend. She had better watch it, she could end up being put to work.

I'm out of here. Just one last parting thought--- "Where the hell is a Mary Kay lady when you need one?"


Amanda said...

"Where the hell is a Mary Kay lady when you need one?"


Take care Jamie, you'll be in my thoughts throughout the week.

the landshark said...

i'm sorry about your guacamole tree. at least it died by your own hand and not by my kitty's mouth.

Beth said...

I always tried to grow an avacodo pit too, and did succeed once, but it took so dang long! Just make some more guacamole and grow another one...