Tuesday, May 01, 2007

No part of the WRONG

Me-to the trained professional, the ASSISTANT to the Great Doctor: "Botox, what botox? I have no appointment scheduled for such a thing."

The trained professional-to Me: "Yes, you do, it's right here on your chart. June 20th, Botox."

Me-to the trained professional "No, I have no appointment nor any interest in having any kind of Botox----"

The trained professional-to Me: "Then why is it on your chart?"

AGGGGHHHHHH......No wonder I cannot get any kind of help from this screwed-up outfit! They have consistently been UNABLE to keep me straight, they continually get me mixed up with someone else, I am literally at my wits end with the whole fricking nightmare. This whole group of doctors, this worshipped and bowed down to horde of ego is truly one messed up motherfucker. I am serious. Something bad is going to happen at this place, wrong medication, wrong procedure, wrong something. I am not going to be a part of the wrong. What will I do now? No clue. I obviously need something, but damned if I know what to do. This conversation I had with them yesterday was nothing new, it has been this way from the first time I went there. I will have to figure out my next move and get back with you on it. In the meantime, How are you?

A new day, one to be spent slinging ice cream, I am seriously, seriously not in the mood. I am in too much pain to be even close to civil. Beware! Plus, it is my day to work with THE MOUTH. Heaven help me.

I hope your day turns out better than I expect mine will. Out.


the landshark said...

i might take some botox if it were free. and they were tossing in some new boobs and a tummy tuck. but since that's not the kind of doctor you were speaking of and since doctors don't do anything for free, none of this is relevant. so never mind.

see you in the morning.

Amanda said...

Well not today, but once things settle down a bit maybe you might want to give another place a call...in another city...or state.

There has to be some half-way able professional somewhere. It's not always obvious at first.

The best doctor I've ever been to, had a dead clock on the wall right next to an ol poster of Princess Di, and consistently arrived to a consultation with a cigarette in one hand, coffee in the other.

simonsays said...

Oh Amanda, that sounds like my kind of doctor!!!!