Sunday, April 29, 2007

Wooden Shoes

It's gonna be a quiet one. Today, that is. OS has always spent his entire Sunday at home, here, doing laundry, and waiting for one of his many basketball games to begin on Sunday evening. He plays like his life depends on it. And tonight, he's not playing. Hmmmm. It seems strange to me, although I have been the one harping for years that he is too hard on his body, between the five or so HARD games, the weight lifting, the cycling, the "everything I do is for the good of my body, my game", attitude. So apparently, he is going to take my advice and give his body a rest. And because of that, I know he must be in pretty bad shape. And he will not be here today. I am not sure if I like that or if I don't. This day looks as though it could be terribly, terribly long. We will see. I do think the YS will be by today, he needs to pick up a couple of things----I haven't seen him for awhile. That should be good. And it's race day. Talladega, yesss. I think H may be shorthanded at the store, and I know it will be quite busy. I am toying with the idea of going and helping him---the only reason I wouldn't is that it would put me in the hole on the energy supply, and starting a week with nothing in reserve is never a lucrative move. Particularly THIS week, as is is TULIP TIME. Uuugggghhhh. I hate tulip time. What am I talking about? A huge, huge, HUGE dutch festival, with parades and bullshit, on the streets of the DUTCH town in which the Ice Cream Store is located. It lasts for THREE days. THREE days of parades. And wooden shoes. And B-U-S-Y. With a capital, fricking B. Busy is always a good thing. Making money is always a good thing. But, Holy shit. B-U-S-Y. The actual festival doesn't start until this coming Thursday, but tourists are already everywhere. I am sure that if i over do today, I will not be in any kind of shape tomorrow. And I still have ONE more day of work(deadlines) at the garage to handle. I would love to have a normal, forty hour a week job. Are there any of those left out there? But, anyway....I will probably be best off NOT to go the the ICS today, I know my help will be really needed later in the week. In fact, we will meet ourselves coming and going. The hours are terribly long during Tulip Time---last year, we worked more than eighty hours during that three to four day period. Can't wait. And the weather actually looks promising, good for ice cream. I am sure it will be fun, the craziness usually gets that's will just be difficult. I haven't felt too bad the past two days. But then I over did it yesterday after work, and i cleaned this house again, and did the laundry. Pain. Pain. Pain.

We watched The Departed last night. It was actually quite good, although pretty violent. And long. Really long.

I hate the word irr-regardless. Why on earth is it in the dictionary? The I-R-R is NOT necessary. Regardless. My ex used that word, all the fricking time. Just to piss me off. Perhaps that would be why I hate it today.

I suppose I should do SOMETHING, even if it's wrong. I hope your Sunday is wonderful. Later.

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Amanda said...

May your Tulip Time go by painlessly profitable!