Monday, April 30, 2007


This has been a nothing day in a string of....nothing days. I think I must have thinkers block. That is similar to writers block, but I am not a writer, get the drift. I can not come up with one thing even remotely interesting to say here. I know that i am not a greatly exciting person, but generally, I can come up with SOMETHING. Not these past few days, I am afraid. It isn't that nothing has happened, it's just that so much goes on ALL the time, that these days I am just tired of thinking about any of it, let alone writing about it. I have about worked myself to death this past week, trying to get caught up so that I can go to the other place of business for most of the rest of this week, and I have been pretty successful at it. But I am worn out, mentally and physically. I suppose that's my problem. I am sorry this is just as nothing as I am lately, and i do promise there must be better days ahead. Later.

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Amanda said...

I have a similar problem... with a twist.

Now that I have a private blog for the heavy stuff, I've no problem coming up with something to write there, but I find it hard to come up with a harmless, yet interesting post for my public blog. :eyeroll: