Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Yak yak yak

Surprise, surprise, I think my Mom is going to be able to leave the hospital today. Apparently, when the dr's hit the right combination of antibiotics, she started to improve dramatically. Yea, Mom. The problem is, she will have to go the local hospital every day, twice a day, twelve hours apart, for iv antibiotics, for SIX MORE WEEKS. I don't know how that is going to be accomplished as she doesn't drive, and R has to work. I'm sure my name has already come up in that conversation, and i don't know how I am going to be able to do it, either. I guess we will figure something out. I talked to my younger sister last night, they were leaving then, moving out of my house, moving three hours away. Even though she and i really don't see eye to eye on anything these days, it made me sad. Three hours really isn't that far, but they act like it's a million miles away, as does most people in my family. My oldest sister lives in the same area, and I see her maybe twice a year. When D works for me, she drives farther than that each way. I've made that trip both ways in the same day countless times. Hell, I've done more than twice than on a regular basis in the past. But anyway, they will be back on the weekend to clean up, clean carpets, etc. We got another rent payment in the mail this week,too. I was surprised by that. Technically, they have the place until the end of March. I want to get it sold a quickly as possible. I think we are asking a very reasonable price, but the area really sucks. It didn't used to, back when she originally bought it. I would like to make a little money for my trouble, and for all the money I have had to pay the IRS these past few years, because of owning it. I am going to keep my fingers crossed. YS and GF should be in today, they need some things done on their car. D works today, she will be in about nine. I expect I won't get too much done, but there are a couple of things i have accomplish. I'm sure that OS would be in if he could, but he is working. I know, hard to believe, and I am sure he isn't happy about it either, but the other business is open now, and he is going to have to put a little time in. Owner won't be in until late, if at all. He was gone all day yesterday, too. Not that anything was going on. I was busy all day, though. By 4:30, I was in so much pain I had to come home. Hopefully, today will be better. Later.

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