Monday, March 26, 2007

Two C's, Idiot

Did you know there were two c's in succeed? Thanks alot for telling me, freakin' spell check isn't available for the captions in your blog---so, for six months,( I can't believe I have been posting here for six months), I have looked like an illiterate, spelling succeed with only one c. Shit. Now the truth is out----sadly, I used to be a great speller, it was on my fifth grade resume, but alas, old age and impaired brain cells have taken over.

Ugh---Monday again. Got to make the doughnuts....Actually, I go to place of business #1, then to place of business #2, then back to place of business #1 today. I will get zero accomplished this morning, hopefully after I get back to the dealership late today, I can get something done. I have plenty to keep me busy. With the weather heating up, the ice cream store is doing the same, and that adds a tremendous amount of work to my schedule. I do all the book work for it, the payroll, etc. , and I have to work there for awhile until one of the employees is able to come back after a surgery. It makes me tired, literally wears me out. I promised myself that I wouldn't do it again, and here I am. But I really have no choice - and that's why I get paid the big bucks. Right. My health seriously does go down the drain when I over work - and i should be smarter than that. Hopefully I won't have to physically work there for too long. But anyway...

Not too much to report on this Monday, and I guess that's a good thing. It was a quiet weekend, the kind that I like. I was in a fair amount of pain, but nothing i can't handle. You really can get used to it. I enjoyed sleeping with the window open, the breeze was almost seductive. How can a person ask for more? Hope your day is great, as I expect mine to be---Over and out.


Beth said...

"time to make the doughnuts"!!

wow, I was just reading over your last posts....your dog ate the tainted food and got sick? AHHHKKKKKKK!!!!!! That would scare me half to death. I love my big fat dogs way too much, I think. It will be interesting to see if you get any money out of this, tho that is not your goal, I 'm sure.

I have to read more so I can figure out who everyone is! ;)

Amanda said...

People would actually bug me about my spelling until I got Firefox. It has a spell-checker that takes some getting used to, but it (mostly) keeps me in the straight and narrow. Now if I could only find a grammar-checker...:)

Glad you had a good weekend!

simonsays said...

Good Morning Ladies, thanks for stopping by! Beth, they can't be certain that the dog food is what caused her problems, but she was eating a couple of different ones on the recall list. (She is so spoiled, she won't eat the same food two days in a row.) The vet seemed to think the timing was suspicious, although he said it could just be the fact that she is twelve. I love my dogs like you do, if you read my blog at all, you can see I am crazy where they are concerned. Hope you guys have a great day, Jamie