Sunday, March 25, 2007

CrazyDog Update

So, Tony finished 35th after leading most of it, then engine troubles caused him to be more than twenty laps down. Damn. A good race nonetheless. COT proved to be just as entertaining to watch, at least at Bristol. Local sprint car racing begins with practice night in three weeks. I am really looking forward to it. The weather is so perfect for it right now, but racing here ALWAYS begins by freezing your ass off. I usually freeze at the racetrack until about May ---- evenings here in the midwest take a long time to warm up. It has been an uneventful day otherwise, OS and I had chicken salads for dinner, he went to play ball. It's nice to have a couple of hours alone. It won't be long until I will be alone all the time, as soon as the weather turns hot, H will never be home. Then it will just be me and CrazyDog. She has lived up to her name this afternoon---she is taking steroids for a hurt leg, from the vet having to take blood samples so many times, she was hardly able to walk---and anyway, they are making her more crazy. Inside-outside. Inside-outside. It is so warm and windy, I know she is really hot, she is a chow and she is ninety percent hair, although after today, I'll bet she starts to shed like crazy. Her kidney issues seem to be under control, the vet wants to see her tomorrow, if her tests are still good, then she won't have to be checked for awhile unless she had issues. Supposedly Menu Foods company will be paying all vet bills from their poisoned food, we will see. H has already arranged for our Vet to have copies of all the documentation that stem from this problem, and he will be picking them up and sending them in this week. Now we don't know WHAT to feed her, she has been living on people food - turkey and cottage cheese. She won't touch dry food, and she is crazy enough to starve to death if that's all we gave her. Her dr said that the turkey and cheese were certainly better than compromising her health by not eating at all, until the dust settles from the recall. By then, she will be so spoiled that she will never touch dog food again. So anyway- I am going to take my really good book out onto the front porch, with a glass of wine, and enjoy what's left of the evening. I walked before the race began, so I can now be lazy without guilt. Later.

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The Roco, Part I said...

where is my momma? lol.

she's uh, homeless as a matter of fact cuz she kinda, ya know, ditched me.

i can't believe you read my blog. i shouldn't reveal so much to strangers. thank you so much for the comment.