Sunday, March 25, 2007

Late, late, late

Once again, I am late with this post. I was up early, then went back to bed. Old age is taking over. I know i am only in my forties, but some mornings, my knees would argue that point. It is a BEAUTIFUL day here today, but oh so windy. But it's March. To be expected, I guess. I plan to walk later, after the BRISTOL race, I'm psyched, I love that track and this is the first run of the car of tomorrow, (COT), or should it now be called the car of today? In any event, bring it on and Go Tony! Kiddos just left, YS and GF had to leave so YS could go to work. OS was here, went to the big city and will be back. He had to buy more shoes. One day I will have to write a post about the basketball shoe fetish OS has. Hundreds, even thousands of dollars spent, as an investment----but hey, I am never wondering what to buy him for Christmas or birthdays. H didn't have to open the store today, it is still closed on Sundays, but the weather is so nice, he thought he might be missing a good $$$ day, so he went to work. Admirable, really. His business is an ice cream and sandwich shop, and this is the first really nice day, so no doubt he will be busy. I will be back later ---- the race is about to start. Keep turning left!

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