Friday, March 09, 2007

It is what it is

Friday's all good, right? This is the beginning of the dreaded birthday weekend, I am not looking forward to being older. But I do like weekends, especially ones that I don't have to work. I will work my regular hours today, and not go back until Tuesday. That will be nice. For one thing, my house looks unloved and unwanted. I cannot be at my best in a dirty place, and while this place isn't exactly dirty, it's close. So there is one thing i have to do. And my races are back on this Sunday, yea Nascar!, so there is another thing. And my oldest Sister will be here to visit my Mom on Saturday, and she will stay for a week, and I will see her a couple of times, so there's another thing. And H and I are going out tonight, and attempting to have fun together, so there's another thing. There are no birthday plans, but i knew there wouldn't be, H has a big catering affair on that evening, and the kids are too spread out, so I don't know what i will do. Most likely nothing. I told D not to drive all the way here, it's stupid, she has zero money, and if she made an issue of my bday, then I would have to give her the money to cover what she spent. OS has asked what I want, and i have a really difficult time coming up with something; I actually told him I want a pressure cooker, and I really did used to want a pressure cooker before, when I actually had a reason to cook something. I can't imagine that's what he bought for me, but if he did I will find something to do with it. YS never remembers my birthday, no big deal. I am seriously considering taking a vacation, just me. I would like to go away for just a few days, no one to think about, or worry about. I suppose I won't do that, I don't know. I left work early yesterday and went to see my Mom, she is doing pretty well, under the circumstances. That is a huge relief, and she will have someone there for the next two weeks to help take care of her, and that makes me feel better, too. I guess there is not point in worrying about all this bullshit, what is, is. I hope your day is good, me, I have ALOT to do. Later.

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