Saturday, March 10, 2007

The 69th day...

We actually had a good time last night. H was in a good mood, he wasn't bugging me to leave, in fact, he was the reason that we didn't get in until nearly four this morning. It was a nice change. I feel like hell this morning, however, the new medication pretty much requires more sleep than I got, but CrazyDog thought it was time I got up, when she gave me the usual left hook about 7:45. So I switched on the coffee maker on the way to the backyard to let her out. I would definitely feel better with a couple more hours of sleep, but I need to get moving this morning, I have several things to do. The first one is to take back my new cell phone, I hate it, with a capital H, no one, and I mean NO ONE can hear me on the damned thing, plus, it dials anyone and everyone, ALL THE TIME. When I got home from work yesterday, I had three messages on the answering machine, I was surprised, everyone knows where I am during the day, and I never have messages, other than the occasional telemarketer, so when I played them all back yesterday, imagine my delight when I discovered they were ALL FROM ME. I could hear the conversations that I had with others, the noise from the garage, etc. BULLSHIT, I am not going to keep the SLIVER bastard. HelloMoto can stick the fricking thing up their slivery ass. If you are planning on getting one like it, learn where the key lock is. Then, I am going to go visit my mom. My older sister and her husband are coming to visit this afternoon, and i will spend some time with them. My mom seems to be doing pretty well, but she is really weak. Going out of the house twice a day is really hard on her, and that is only going to get worse. It takes a minimum of two hours each time she goes, or it has so far, at least. I had lunch with a friend yesterday, yes I have friends, well-okay, so I have A friend, as we all know, this is a bit of a rarity for me, but this woman and i really get along well, we are so very much alike, that is also a rarity, thank heavens, and I really had a good time. Also rare, as you all know that I think most people on this earth are a waste of oxygen. So that made my day pretty good. I think I'd better get on with my day-------talk to you later.

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Andrew said...


Sounds like your cellphone is possessed! LOL