Thursday, March 01, 2007

The First of March

February is gone, good riddance, I say. I hate February----other than the fact that D was born that month. That was the last time i saw a good Feb, and that was 1980. March is usually a little better, except for the fact that it is the month that I was born, and no one needs to be reminded that they are getting old.

I have to get to the big city today, another surgery for my Mom. She has been dicked around for days now, this surgery was all set up for Friday, then last night it was changed to this morning. After I had everything arranged at work to be gone tomorrow, and there today. Now I have to let them know after I am on my way. I don't know the time, apparently they have no reason to tell you a surgery time if you are already in their poorly-ran facility. Which is fine, but if family members are going to be present, it makes things a little difficult. It wouldn't be a problem at all, but of course, the weather today is going to be shit, blizzard warnings, I can't wait. I have never been afraid of driving in bad weather, but this year it is beginning to wear on me, maybe I am getting too old.

I guess I'd better get with it---have a good day.

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