Monday, March 05, 2007

Dizzy, my head is spinning...

This has been a completely wasted day. I have accomplished nothing, zero, zilch. But I am still here (at work) and that is more than I thought I would be able to do. Yea me! I feel absolutely weird, dizzy, fucked up. Surely, that will get better. I know, I know, don't call you Shirley. In any event, whoopie. I hate Monday's anyway, so if I am going to be able to do nothing, today is a good day for it. My mom is improving, that makes me happy. YS came to see me today, that makes me happy, too. OS came to play ball, but I did see him for a little while, so happiness there, too. D called, that always makes me happy. I guess I am just fucking happy tonight. And dizzy, nothing like a happy, dizzy broad. Later.

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