Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Completely Crazy

I had a good time, once I got where i was going. Up til then, it was ughhh. My mom is having a really hard time, and the rest of us are having a harder one, trying to deal with it. By the time I got away from the hospital, I needed a drink, and a strong one, they make me so nervous and drive me completely crazy. Completely. I seriously don't know what will happen to her, things seem to be going well, at least to me, but she insists that she is getting worse, and maybe she is, there is apparently some question about whether her incision is getting infected again. Heavens, if that happens, I don't know what they will do. Or her, as I really don't think she could take any more. I just keep praying that she is on the mend, she certainly should be, this whole going to the hospital twice a day is a HUGE pain in the ass for her, it takes hours, she can do nothing else. So that was my birthday morning, but the afternoon got better. Each of the kids called me. It was nice. OS brought me a bday present. All in all, it's okay. I hate my birthday. I try not to, but i do. I wouldn't if others would think it was important, but let's face it, it's just another day. In any event, the afternoon and evening was a good time. I did okay, came home basically where i left, and after that many hours, that is a good day. I am tired today,but that's to be expected. I don't feel the best, but that's to be expected, too. Off to my Tuesday, hope it's a good one, yours too. Later.


Therapist Mumbles said...

Happy birthday. Mine was last week. I'm older than you. When I was 47 I was still running down court and my knees didn't hurt. So count your blessings.

There is this wisdom thing that comes with age. If you don't fight it, it really comes in handy. I bet you know a lot more than you did fifteen years ago. It probably keeps you out of trouble.

Happy Birthday!

simonsays said...

Therapist----thank you for the birthday wishes and your wisdom, I truly am aware that with age comes smarts, but who ever said being dumb was bad? teehee.....I am grateful for each day I have, whether I am 27 ot 47-----Jamie