Sunday, March 11, 2007

Chicken Little and Rotisserie Chicken, AGAIN

Sunday, a race day, oh how I love Nascar! It is my birthday, sort of, and I am going to celebrate by cleaning my house this morning, making myself and the fam a dinner that I am certain no one else wants AGAIN, rotisserie chicken and baked potato, they like it but I have made it alot recently, but hey, it's MY day, and they can eat it and like it. And then I am going to watch my race and read my new book, yea me! Yesterday H and I went SHOPPING, if you know me at all, you know i don't do that, and I survived! Then we went to see my Mom, and my sister and her H. It was a good afternoon, it was nice not to have to got work. I did get a new phone, and it certainly is better. Now I can only make the calls that I want to make, and not the one's that the phone feels like making. I hate this new time change shit, there aren't enough hours in the day as it is, losing another one really pisses me off, stop fucking with the time, people! Somehow, gaining that hour back in the fall never helps at all. My mom has gone all postal, I have no idea why, she certainly has reason for it, and I don't really blame her, but why now? I know that the type of infection she has is really, really bad. I am aware that even with the right combination of antibiotics, it could still kill her. That is obvious, or they wouldn't be giving her the drugs that they are for the next six weeks. What I don't know is why is she now acting this way? Did she just learn this? Her attitude is really, really bad. She is convinced that she is going to die anyway, and with that attitude, she may. It seems funny to me that she waited until my sister arrived to start this, the only thing I can think of is that she looked it up on the internet herself, although I can't really see that happening----but maybe. I tried to talk her out of it, but she is not budging. I feel so bad for her, I really do, but this is not going to help, it will only make all of it worse. Shit. D has pneumonia, it's hard for me to understand, where the hell do you get that? I was not aware that it was floating around out there, I always thought that it came from being sick before, then all that gunk laying in your lungs eventually got infected on it's own. Apparently not. She is really pretty sick, just what she needs right now. I HATE her being so freakin' far away from me. H got me a birthday present, I was shocked. He never does that, usually it is such an issue "what do you want", and it makes me so mad, just get me something that you want to get me, or don't get me anything, whatever. But he bought me a sound card and docking thingy to make my cell phone and MP3 player, which is too bad because I changed cell phones, but it was a great idea on his part, and he really thought about me. Is the earth rotating incorrectly? Is the sky falling? He would get me anything I wanted, within reason, because reason is his thing, but he never has a clue what i might like or want, so it makes me wonder if something has really gone wrong, and if I just missed Chicken Little's warning. In any event, barring the falling of the sky, I hope your day is great, just like mine is going to be. Out.

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