Monday, February 26, 2007

Peachy, just peachy.

What a ridiculously boring weekend. You know it was bad when you are happy to see it end. I haven't been out of this house since one-thirty on Saturday, when I came home from work. Even the race yesterday was pretty boring. Tony pulled a bonehead move during the last caution, pitted, and went from what probably would have been a top five finish to just barely scraping into the top ten. Had he not sped into the pit area on a previous pit stop, he probably would have won, or at least been a top contender. The races from Fontana, California are usually pretty boring. And I don't love Matt Kenseth. Not even a little. My little sister did call me----and apologized. She never says she's sorry, and i was quite surprised. I am happy that she did that, I do love her, and I miss her. It just didn't really change anything for me, I found myself trying not to sound mad at her, and not really having anything to say. I don't know what that reaction means, I wanted to sound more sincere and happy that she had called, and it was a struggle to talk to her at all. I guess I am still pissed at her, not necessarily about the house, although that must have alot to do with it, but about all the drama, and the whining, and all the poor me, we have to move, and I really don't understand any of it, and to say that to her would only have made things bad again. I do want her back, but I want to shake her at the same time. I was a little ugly with her about mom, and she got a little defensive, as always. I am too old to kiss everyone's ass these days. Today I am going to the big city for my mom's surgery, and I am praying that everything goes okay. It should be pretty minor, but things never are with her. She is so depressed, and I feel so bad for her. The big snowstorm was a bust in this area, but all of my kids were in areas that got pretty bad. At least all them kept their power on all the time, many in this state are still without, and it could be days before it's back on. YS and friends built a snowman late on Saturday night, so at least someone enjoyed it a little. Well, I am off to work, the hospital, and back to work again. A long day today. At least I won't be sitting here. Later.

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