Friday, February 23, 2007

Update on Friday

Hello darlin's. Friday night, after a relatively good day at work, at least I had thinking power, which is something to crow about when you have been without it for awhile. I accomplished much, still so much to do. No new news on the home front, H is being particularly irritating this evening, but that isn't news. My mom has to have more surgery on Monday, I am worried about her, the incision from the last one is infected and not healing correctly, always something for her. I cannot believe that they are planning surgery after complications from the last surgery three days from now, but medicine today is surprising, I guess planning an emergency is the popular thing to do. Shit. I have to get to the big city now on Monday and Tuesday, double shit. Home tonight, the weather is crap, and i feel like crap, the couch beckons, later.

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