Saturday, February 24, 2007


Here I am again, another day. Saturday at least, so today at work will be a short one. I am not too tired this morning,or hungover, unusual for a Saturday. Apparently the weather will provide a little entertainment this weekend, rain, ice, snow, wind. Great. Have I mentioned that I hate winter? Freezing rain advisory for today, lovely, ice is so much fun to try and maneuver your car on. Last night was pretty uneventful. I watched a couple of movies, both of which sucked, but I watched anyway. I went to sleep pretty early, but I woke up early this morning , so I guess all things are normal. I got a few new cd's in the mail yesterday, at least I will have new music to listen to. I am attempting to branch out in my taste in music, and "no, D, you cannot have Gnarls Barkley". teehee. I must go and do something with this damned hair of mine, anyone have a large pair of scissors? Or how about I do a Britney? I always thought that shaving it off would be wonderful, aside from the fact that I would look like a freak, of course. Just imagine all the free time we would have, not to mention money, if we just shaved all the hair off of our heads? I am serious, other than the fact that I would look a million degrees of UGLY, I would love it. And I don't need any help in the ugly department. I am really feeling my age creep in, and getting old looks like hell on anyone, but particularly me. I guess it beats the alternative, but, Geez.

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