Thursday, February 08, 2007

Brass in my pocket

This has not been a good day. I would like to tell you that the reason is everyone around me, but when it seems to be ALL people around me, then I have to begin to wonder if it's is really me. I am pretty sure that I am the problem. The question is, do I really care? I am not sure. I went to lunch with H today, and that turned into a fiasco, I actually ended up walking back, I know that sounds really bad but the distance was really, really short. But I walked, nonetheless, in the fricking cold. As you can see, I am really looking forward to a lovely weekend with my husband. I am however, looking forward to seeing my D, and friends. So what the hell ever. My computer is apparently being invaded by aliens, as i have posted this twice and i haven't meant to. I think that I should probably try this later, perhaps after I have a beer or two. I will talk more later.

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