Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Home again, home again, jiggety jig...

What the hell is that even from? My title, I mean. Where did I get it and why the hell did I use it? Some days my brain is on auto pilot, and if I would ever really let it do the driving, I could be quite an enigma. But that could also be the beginning of my demise, I can just hear it now, "mom has lost her mind, you know". Anyway,

Just got home from my mom's place, she is doing pretty good for what she has been through. I thoroughly enjoyed the visit, I miss her sometimes inexplicably. Now that Owner is back, I should be able to get there more often. That is my plan. Work went relatively well today, I spent three grueling hours with the accountant, and even that went pretty good. I spent alot of time trying to get myself organized for that appointment, and it was time well spent. I look forward to getting all this shit handled and put to bed until next year. A few more days... I talked with D today and it sounded as though she was having a pretty good day, I hope her birthday was spectacular. I am looking forward to the weekend with her. I am so damned tired, I will write more later. Later.

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