Tuesday, January 30, 2007

No good deed....

It has been a crazy morning, and I am apparently the cause of all things bad in my S's life, as now they are moving out of state. Because of me. WTF? I caused them to leave the STATE? Whatever. I got mad, I was mad, I am still mad, but leave the state? It makes me feel bad because I will never get to see my little niece anymore, and she might have loved me, I am not that bad. I certainly loved her. I also feel bad because I have always loved the older niece, even though she generally didn't remember who I was. In any event, I guess that is a dumb reason to move, and I really don't buy it, because it was time for them to make some decisions anyway, but that's the story that she gave my mom. So I will feel duly bad, if that's what they want. What the hell, like I said this morning, she really never wanted anything to do with me unless they needed someone to fix their car, or to borrow a car, or to pay the utilities or buy the house they are losing, etc. But I am sad, because, I don't know why. It certainly has escalated beyond helping our Mom. It sucks, H says whatever, not our problem, not our fault, not my fault. The old saying "no good deed goes unpunished" certainly is true. Shit.

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