Saturday, January 06, 2007

And whether pigs have wings.

I am pretty flippin' tired this morning. It is the big INVENTORY day at work, H is planning to work, as well as GF, both of which are upstairs getting ready to go. H isn't happy, I guess the fact that he is working today, and has to be there early, is not a good combination with the fact that we went out last night, and got in late, although we were in well before one, and that's not really late for us. So as usual, the whole I am tired, it's Saturday, I have to work, is all my fault, once again. And I suppose it probably is, as going out last night was my idea, he wasn't crazy about it, we both lost money we shouldn't have lost. All my fault. Right. As expected. I am not working the big I at work today, I am just working as usual, will go in around nine, it's best if I keep out of the whole inventory issue, or I probably would fire my parts man, because I hate mess and disorganization, and that place is full of both, as if I don't already know, since I spent most of yesterday afternoon trying to fill in for him, and unable to understand his system, which I believe to be no fucking system at all, unless you count lazy as a system. So I really don't expect this day to be worth too damned much, a big mess at work, full of people that are not ordinarily there, little time to do what I need to do. As it is most days lately. I am going to be a different kind of boss in 07, the kind that gets people to do their fucking jobs, I am tired of being taken advantage of. Enough said.

I woke up several times last night with the weirdest cramps in the FRONT of my thighs. It hurt like a mofo, what a strange place to have a charlie horse. I need to walk today, perhaps that would help work out some of the left-over pain. I didn't walk yesterday, but I did the past few days before that. I was in the service department most of the afternoon, and that does require alot of moving, so I wasn't exactly still all day long.

Once again, I am hungry. I was really good on my diet yesterday, although I did have several brown bottles last night, the first one's all week. I have to admit, they were pretty damned good, although I haven't found myself missing it this week. I guess I'm off to eat my 120 calorie breakfast, sounds good, doesn't it? Hope your day is great. Later.

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