Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Wednesday thoughts

Maybe a little stronger today, maybe. I have to go to work, I was unable to yesterday. I want to feel better! This, like always, is pissing me off. Oh well, like my father used to say: Better to be pissed of than pissed on. What the hell did that mean, anyway? THAT used to piss me off. But anyway.... H made it home at midnight last night, he must have flown, literally. I don't like him to drive straight through, it's risky. He had to be way too tired to drive. But I know he was worried about me being here alone and sick. My assistant at work sent me the MOST beautiful poinsettia I have ever had - that was the sweetest thing. I was quite surprised. It's awesome. Each of the kiddos called me yesterday, that's pretty unusual, they normally don't think about me unless they need something. I am afraid to think that perhaps they are growing up? I had better attempt to get moving, it will be slow going this morning. Hope your day is wonderful. Later.

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