Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Two turtle doves?

I woke up in a bit of a panic this morning, not a good way to start the day. I am overwhelmed with all that i have to do before the BIG day. I get this way every year, every year I manage. I will just be happier when I can get something accomplished. I got home last night, H had been working on the entry way all day, and he is doing a great job, but there is a film of dust on everything from sanding the ceiling. I HAVE to get that off of everything, it is driving me crazy. I was way too tired last night to do it, I am going to try to do it this morning before I leave. That is part of the problem, by the time I get home from work, I am too tired to do anything.

The poinsettia that my assistant sent to me a couple of weeks ago is dying. Every time i have any living green thing, I kill it. I get so frustrated because I love plants and flowers. But I kill them all. For many years of my life, I had many green plants. I tried like hell to keep them all beautiful, and every one of them struggled along, and eventually died. I have a brown thumb. I hate killing anything, even a plant, and i finally got rid of all things green because I felt such guilt every time I would look at their brown, withering leaves. I am doing everything right with this one (according to the instructions that came with it) but it is dying, nonetheless. I give up. With any luck, it will still have one red leaf left by Sunday. Shit.

Off to my day, I am stupidly still hoping for a good one-at least a quiet one. The employee in question from yesterday still has me upset, that is my own fault, I seriously doubt he is the slightest bit upset. I am just continually amazed at the lack of loyalty, integrity, and his general me, me, me attitude. Again, my own fault. You certainly would think that by my age, I would have learned my lesson by now. The one's that you bend over backwards to help, are ALWAYS the ones that bend you over forewords. No matter, it's time for him to see how the real world works. Over and out.

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