Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Eight ladies dancing

Hey- we DID get all of the wrapping done, and it only took about four hours! It looks like Christmas in here for sure. This is the time of the Christmas season when I panic, and decide I didn't buy enough, and I hurry out and buy more. I am NOT going to do that this year. I have already spent a considerable amount of money, I have already spent more than i was planning to spend. No more!

I am really tired this morning, and when i look ahead at the week, I get more tired. There is still so much to be accomplished, just the thought of all of it totally wears me out. I want to feel better so bad, it makes everything so much easier. But like always, I will manage to get it all finished in time, and with any luck, I will have a little energy left over to try to enjoy some of it. I'll get my day going, hope your day is great!

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