Saturday, December 02, 2006

My Drivel

It's Saturday, and once again, I am running behind. Never in my life have I been late for anything, it just isn't my nature. And yet, the past month or two, I cannot get where I need to be on time. The frickin miracle pills have certainly helped my serotonin levels, but they have done nothing for my punctuality. I am SO fucking tired in the mornings, I can't drag my ass around. It's not a huge issue, I don't have to punch a time clock, but I know that everyone I work with thinks it's odd. Hell, so do I. Tonight is the Christmas party for all that I work with-it's always a good time, but I always feel better when it's over. This year, we should have a good mix-and everyone has agreed to be there. Tomorrow is the Christmas tree-no matter what. I wish I were more in the spirit of things....without children around, the whole affair seems to fall flat. Maybe someday. Maybe. I saw all of my kiddos yesterday-it was nice. I miss them all in such a strange way sometimes. I never thought I would have that ache for them that my mother has always talked about. But guess what? I do. Apparently I am becoming my mother-no one wants that. I think perhaps it's time for a blogging break-I read what I have written and it bores the hell out of me, I can only imagine what anyone else thinks, and yet you keep coming back. I like the organization of keeping a blog, I like to know what I was doing and thinking on a particular day, and I always wonder what motivates others to want to read that drivel that I put out there. Leave a comment and tell me why! I guess I need to get my ever-widening ass in gear and get to work. We will talk later, or maybe we won't?

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