Friday, December 22, 2006

FIVE Golden Rings

Happy Thanksmas to you - and to me! I am happy that this day is here, I have been looking forward to having all my kiddos in the same place at once. Only two things to worry about in regards to this:

1. D has been quite sick all week long with a migraine, I mean really ill, in bed all week long. I am worried about her, and am not sure she will be up to being here today. If not, I will really be sad, she and YS are the reason we are having this crazy holiday today, and i want her to feel up to eating.

B. YS's GF has to work late today and will miss dinner, there just was no possible time that all kids were able to be here. She and YS are here now, however, they came last night and made cookies with me, and we really had a good time. YS will have to deliver her dinner to her at work tonight.

I managed to get the bare minimum done at work yesterday, and I got out of there about three yesterday afternoon. I will go back next wednesday after my dr appt in the big city. Woohoo!

My hair is currently driving me insane, it is EVERYWHERE. I wear it long, and i make it look nice every day, but am I too old for long hair? I don't look like me without it, but I worry sometimes that I look ridiculous. H has no opinion, he "likes me with long hair, short hair, even no hair would be great on you" Past experience, I'm sure. teehee

I hope that i didn't put any readers off with my personal notes to my family. Boring reading for those not involved, hell, probably boring reading for those that are. It was just important to me that I tell them how I feel. Most of them have not read it, and don't read my blog. But it made me feel better. My mother has always done a good job of letting me know how she feels about me, (since I have been an adult) and I wonder if I have managed to let my kids know in the past.

H can't say too much verbally, it just isn't his style, although over the years he has gotten better about it. But he shows me in other ways-I know he loves me, or he would have killed me long ago.

This day will be long, but fun. I have tons to do, and hope to go out tonight. I hope your day is wonderful, as well. I will talk to you later.

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