Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Pain pills finally kicked in a little---it is at least bearable. Is that how you spell bearable-barable-no that would be when you were naked-able. teehee. Yes, pain pills have definitely kicked in. I think stumble is a stupid word-STUMBLE. Sounds really funny, and brings up a funny image. Certain words make me see certain things, is that the way it is for everyone? There are alot of words I hate, such as succulent. Stupid, stupid word. No one is allowed to use it around me. Not that any of the people I am around WOULD use it. Reckon---I have never, ever done that in my life. Never. And I never have eaten supper, not since i was at home, anyway. I eat dinner. And lunch. Superior is a good word. And rhetoric. I love that word. I love people that think they are skilled in the english language, and cannot pronounce it---I have a good friend who is that way. He destroys the english language, and thinks he is so good at it. It makes me laugh. Man, I feel rough. RUFF. Crazy dog uses that word alot. I use alot-alot. I know that isn't a real word, but it bugs me to put the space in it. Apparently fucktard is the word of the year---I have heard and seen it all over the place. I was supposed to have dinner with my momma tonight, I don't think I will be able to make it to that one. I am going to go lay down. I know I would feel better if I could drag myself to the shower, but that is not possible right now-no way I could stand long enough. I HATE when this happens to me-I need steroids and my dr won't be in until tomorrow. H said he would take me over there this morning, but I can't see him until then. I really don't want to take them, the last time I was at the eye dr, he said they are causing my eyes to get worse, apparently I have irreversible damage that is similar to having had glaucoma, although I have never had that. Swell. later.

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