Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Holy Holy Hell----in tons of pain this morning, what the hell happens between going to bed and waking up? Although I really haven't been great lately at all, but shit-I was okay yesterday. Yesterday---Lets see, it started ridiculously early, we had to get H to the dr by eight, the LP went fine, although I didn't love watching it, but i couldn't let him go in there alone. He did quite well, when he's really nervous he cracks stupid jokes, for that matter, he does that when he isn't nervous. However, the jokes were running rampant yesterday. He says he feels fine, no headache, if he gets one, we have to call the dr and go back in for a blood patch.? Apparently they can draw blood out of the arm and put it in the back and stop the headache immediately. Interesting. We hung out in DSM for a while, waiting to see if he would develop one, and he was okay. We came home, hung out awhile, then went out---a huge mistake for me. Not a good night, I hate when I do that. We got home relatively early, I slept in the car, when I woke up I was in GREAT pain. I am still in great pain. I don't know what to do, I suppose I need a round of prednisone, I don't want it. Frankly, I don't have the energy to get in the car and drive the thirty miles to my dr. I am in no way able to work today, not good, not good. Shit. It hurts so much I want to run down the street screaming. I know that makes no sense, but that is how I feel. My legs, such an irritating pain---my arms, my neck (that one is new). Pain medication takes the edge off, and that's my only hope. I really don't function well when I take it, you would think after all this time I would have gotten used to it. I am a medication wuss-and i hate the feeling that too much gives me. So that's how I am doing, how are you? I hope that H continues to feel okay today, he was advised that he could develop the headache anytime in the next couple of days. I'll keep you posted. Later.

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