Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Quick Hump Day Thoughts----

Good Morning. Five am,( do you know where your kids are?) Wednesday, the day after the elections. I didn't much care for the outcome of our elections here in Iowa, but I do understand it, the general public is tired of the status quo, and I don't blame them, I just don't agree with the way that the majority has decided to fix the problem. If nothing else, the new house and senate majority should provide alot of material for me to rant about. Time will tell...

Yesterday turned out to be YS day. It was all about him, and all things done were for him. H had to drive all the way up to his place with a truck and trailer to pick up his non working car, I wanted it worked on at my place of business. I spent most of my day getting him to a dr appt, his back is REALLY messed up, he has to go back today. I feel bad for him, he really is in alot of pain. Wen I got all finished with all of that, I had to drive over to my mothers house, her brother (my uncle) that I hadn't seen for many years is in town. It's hard to believe that we are all getting as old as we are. I was happy I went, it was good to see him.

I am so very, very tired this morning, and I don't really feel to great, stomach issues. Do you think maybe I'm pregnant? Wouldn't that be a hoot? I'd shoot myself, since I don't believe in abortion, teehee. Hope your day is great!

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