Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Another Monday?

So, now were back to the old way, one (minor) crisis after another, most or all of which revolve around YS. Yesterday, he told his roommate that it was time for him to find another place to live, and roommate said no. YS then called me and asked what to do. I did what I do best, and took over the situation. His roomie really does need to go, he is an absolute pig. And YS is pretty anal about his surroundings, things have a place....(wonder where he got that?), anyway, I found myself calling my atty, and getting the legal advice to get him moved. I am now writing a letter to begin the whole legal process. This is merely a blip on the screen of life, but it will be something that I will worry over until it's handled. Then this morning at 4:50 am the phone rings---I am not awake yet, which is unusual, and he is in horrible pain with his back, and what should he do? He was up and going to work, and his work is the reason his back is screwed up, as he throws heavy luggage in and out of airplanes all day. He is new to the job, only been there a few months, and they don't mess with you there, they want employees that are always there, never any problems. His work history has been a mess, and loves this job, he would have to because he actually gets up and out of bed at four in the morning to go. In any event, he talked with a supervisor and they sent him home, now I have to find a miracle doctor to make him better before he misses work tomorrow and oh, I have to pay for it. Another worry. I wouldn't feel right if I didn't have SOMETHING to worry over. I do worry about his back, that job requires such strength, and he is young and strong and in very good physical shape, but weak backs run in the family---I have had major back surgery, as well as my mother and sister. Hopefully, those problems contain themselves to the female family only. Now GF will have to drive him here to get to a doctor, I have just got to find one that can help him. All this and it's not 6:00 am yet.

Today is election day, it will be interesting to see how all of this plays out, Iowa is a state that is nearly 50/50 dems to reps, the race for Governor will be close. I always vote absentee, so I did it last week. I am always amazed at the number of people that choose not to vote, one of my own included. He wasn't taught that way from me, I have very strong political opinions, and I firmly believe that you either use the right to vote or you could lose it. Enough of politics, there are millions of political blogs out there, you don't need to read it on mine, too.

When I arrived home last night it was late and H had made fish sticks for me! I know that it was only fish sticks, but it was so sweet. He was as tired as I was, and I was so grateful. Have I mentioned that he is awesome sometimes? Hope your day is great, if you haven't already, go vote!

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