Thursday, November 09, 2006

Not so hot

Not so hot this morning, I feel funny-and I don't mean ha-ha-but funny, somehow. Just off, I guess. That's a good word for it, I feel off. I overslept, how weird is that? Must be the miracle happy pills, I haven't overslept since I was a teen. I never use an alarm, I just wake up whatever time I tell myself to. Apparently I wasn't listening last night. So this day is off to a great start. Good thing I'm the boss--
My house is busy once again, YS anf GF are here for a couple of days. His back is pretty bad---He's taking enough medication to forget he has a back, I hope it helps. Spent time with them last evening after work, ordered pizza, went up to bed early. That was my evening. By the time that H got home, I was pretty much out of it. I talked to D a couple of times yesterday, she is very sad, missing her soon to be ex (?). I feel bad for her, there isn't much I can say to help, but I try to remind her that there had to have been problems between them or they wouldn't be separated, and that she wasn't happy when they were together. It's easy to forget all the bad times when you are lonely. I know there was alot of bad, and even if they got back together, none of that would have changed at this point, they would fall right back into their old roles together. I would like nothing more than for them to work out their problems, but I don't want her to have to go through all of this again. Time will tell so many things...
I'd better get moving. Or at least try to get moving. I wonder if I am having a flare up of my old friend Mr Lupus, or if I am just tired this morning? I'll take the latter. Later. teehee

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