Monday, November 20, 2006

Quick Entry-

A new work week, a long, long day. Still in much pain, tired of it. I have so much to do at work today, I have been moving right along. It's time for a break, so here I am. Thanksgiving plans are changing, I thought that we had them all made. I guess I don't care where we have it, although I really didn't want to have to cook it this year, and while I am not doing ALL the cooking, I will still end up doing more than I wanted to. This really isn't me whining, if you have known me very long, then you would know that i do all or nearly all of the holidays in my family, my mom is no longer able, my sisters have never done any of it. Last year, there were so many of us, I worked so hard to get it all together then clean it all up, that by the time that i could sit and enjoy all the family, they were leaving. I swore then that we would go out this year. Apparently not so. It will be at my mom's, she says that's what she wants, but I worry that it will be too much for her. I guess we will see. I will bake and do some of the cooking Wednesday night. Swell. H is at his place of business today, preparing to close it for more than three months-I would like to have an extended vacation, too. Not really. I don't do well when I don't HAVE to be somewhere for a long period of time. Anyhoo-back to the old grind. Hope your Monday is good!

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