Monday, November 20, 2006

Backtracking and Interruptions

It's almost time to make the 20 mile trek back home - this day has been long, and try as I might, mostly unproductive. I worked, but kept being interrupted, needing to backtrack-damn, I give up. The only really quiet that i have had today has been the past hour, and my brain in on autopilot by then. I have had my office door closed most of the day, too. Apparently, Monday's are not the day to try and actually accomplish anything. But I have a good start on tomorrow. Tonight I need brown bottles, a warm blanket, and a little dinner. By the time I drive to and from, Mondays and Thursdays are about 13 hours long--too long for me to be anything but barely coherent by the time I leave. We'll talk tomorrow-bye!

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