Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Butt Crack of Dawn

SO sleepy this morning, miracle pills do nothing to help a person wake up, in fact, I'd say just the opposite. This is a new feeling for me, sleep has never been terribly important to me, I have only done it because I have to. Now---I think I am like most of the rest of the population. Waking up is torture, and I have to get with it so EARLY today, we have to be in the big city at the butt crack of dawn. I dread this day for H, I don't know what to expect. I had a lumbar puncture once, it was years ago, and I guess it was much more of a huge ordeal then---I had to lie flat for several hours after, not doing so caused a terrible headache, now they don't make you do that....did the risk of the headache go away? The whole procedure makes me nervous, anytime they are messing around with your spine--In any event, I certainly hope all goes smoothly this morning. I'll keep you posted.

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